America As 1
America As 1

               Effects of Laws

            How do Laws effect out lives?

The problem with how laws are made and enforced has created a problem today. We have laws and rules in Homeowners Associations that cover all those who reside in them. Local municipal laws for out town or city. County laws which cover all of us who reside in the county. State Laws for each individual state and Federal Laws which cover every town, county, state in the nation and here we are stuck at the bottom not know8ng what the heck is going on! But one thing they don't to any degree  is the ability to individualize each offensive without getting arrested or going to court. John Stossel said it best in this presentation  "Average, Everyday Lawbreakers."

It's bad enough the Internet masters have taking over and judging there version of our Contitution and law. Now they want to prohibit our speech on line. Watch what you say, America Google is watching!