America As 1
America As 1

Our Children

Who is effected most by our indifference and ignoring our responsibility to our country? The future which means our children. If there is a meaning to life it has to be teaching our children the positive and moral road which, through many trials and errors brought us to the greatest country in the world. The problem is, through world history, we're not the first but with by leaving the right direction and social tools to work with we can be, not only be the model other countries can follow, but finally achieve the world peace we've all have hoped for. All we've gained in a lifetime is scattered over the four winds after we're gone, the only thing we leave behind is what positive knowledge and wisdom we passed on through our relationships and achievements. No matter how big or small they all count. A hard working father supporting his family, a loving Mother who takes care of her children and the household. Management, store keepers, teachers, coaches, clergy and even a kind stranger you may never meet again. All shape and red force the future. 
the problem is, there are too many people who don't appreciate what they have and instead of building off of that they go into the bitching and complaining mode and not only effect others but condemn themselves to an even deeper darker hole that draws in others but convinces your youth to do the same. This is a major concern in today's world especially in our education and media representing America as a terrible country and convincing the young to reject the reality of hard work, self confidence with pride for our family and country. 

Going to BING under images it brought up dozens of images each with their own titles. Usually I don't bother with them because I'm looking for specific topics. However once in a while I'll skim through their list to see if there any news images I can use when this caught my eye. Look at the photo circled I in red.
a young child with the subtitle," Pretty blond little girl 01 free download."This is what happens with the liberal control over the media and Internet. You can not give them an inch or they will take a yard, or a mile."