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The Rich and Famous Thank You

Why do the Rich and Famious live in huge homes they don't really need when there are Americans who have no homes at all?


When Democrats say, tax the rich, they are really saying tax the American People, why you say? The way the rich stay rich is by passing their costs on the the consumer the way it has always been done. We only end up shooting ourselves in the foot!
However, there is a way for the rich to help America out without impacting out pocketbook, donations and personally financing projects in the community such as schools, recreation, housing, financing local businesses especially in neighborhoods that need grocery stores, restaurants and other needs. Instead investing in another project to make more money they could be investing in America. In appreciation for same America who made them rich. 

Americans love to be entertained and we're willing to spend big bucks to make that happen whether it's TV, movies, concerts or sports, we've made all ov then very rich, but have we lost track of what this has cost us in the long run? Have we thought  out children the most important priorities of being entertained? This is covered in more detail in, How We Win.

It's not wrong or evil to be rich, it's called Capitalism, but there is no better satisfaction then to give back to those in need who support your businesses or sponsors!

Not to pick on Michael Jorden, but when I see some of these multimillion dollar contracts professional sports give out. The salaries given to TV and movie actors that we're paying for through the products we buy. It makes me wonder how much profit do these companies make to afford spending millions on investing in entertainment?
Michael Jorden actually becomes a small percentage of the total cost sponsors pay out each year, 

And then there's Mark Zuckerberg

To thank their fans the NFL went from a popular  sports organization to a popular instigater of division and activism! The following area few examples of how far the NFL and the Sports networks are willing to go. Not to bring America together, but tear it apart with the help of our money! Keep in mind, we pay for everything sports, media, TV shows, movies and government does!

The Philadelphia Eagles bailed nine people out of jail the day before Thanksgiving with money raised from their social justice fund. The nine people were bailed out of jail in Philadelphia with a $50,000 grant made up of money raised by players and matched by the team itself.

The Masters announced Saturday it is increasing its total prize money, which will make it the highest payout at a major.

In a news release, the tournament stated the total prize money for professionals for this year's event will be $15 million, an increase from last year's purse of $11.5 million, from which Hideki Matsuyama won $2.07 million for finishing first.

Not everyone suffered in 2021, the rich always gets richer. The British automaker announced that it sold 5,586 vehicles this past calendar year despite the continuing global coronavirus pandemic and supply chain issues that have plagued the auto industry. Not only is that a new record for the 117-year-old company, but it represents a 49 percent increase over 2020 sales. It also makes the company—as far as the brand is concerned, at least—the “undisputed leader” of the €250,000-and-up (about $283,000-and-up) segment.

       We'd Like To Thank Our Fans

It's nice to know that no matter whether it's taking a knee during the National Anthom, NASCAR supporting BLM or Hollywood's "F" Donald Trump, We still support those who entertain us to the tune of Billians of dollars each year in sports, movies, TV and the Internet. 
Let's take a look at the NFL. 
Minimum Wage: One of the stipulations in the CBA (Collective Bargaining Agreement) is that all NFL active roster players must receive a one-year contract with a minimum salary of $610,000.

Overview of the highest-paid NFL player average salary:



Average Annual Salary

15. Matthew Stafford

Los Angeles Rams

$27 million

14. DeAndre Hopkins

Arizona Cardinals

$27.3 million

13. Jimmy Garoppolo

San Francisco 49ers

$27.5 million

12. T.J Watt

Pittsburgh Steelers

$28.003 million

11. Ryan Tannehill

Tennessee Titans

$29.5 million

10. Matt Ryan

Atlanta Falcons

$30 million

9. Carson Wentz

Indianapolis Colts

$32 million

8. Kirk Cousins

Minnesota Vikings

$33 million

7. Jared Goff

Detroit Lions

$33.5 million

6. Aaron Rodgers

Green Bay Packers

$33.5 million

5. Russell Wilson

Seattle Seahawks

$35 million

4. Deshaun Watson

Houston Texans

$39 million

3. Dak Prescott

Dallas Cowboys

$40 million

2. Josh Allen

Buffalo Bills

$43 million

1. Patrick Mahomes

Kansas City Chiefs

$45 millio

    How does the NFL salary cap work in 2021?

NFL Positional Payrolls

News Salaries 

How much is your favorite Actor, Sports Star,Celebrity or Politician worth.
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