America As 1
America As 1

Rich and Famous 

The the past decade the NFL has gone from a popular  sports organization to a popular instigater of division and activism! The following area few examples of how far the NFL and the Sports networks are willing to go. Not to bring America together, but tear it apart, it's such a shame. 

The Philadelphia Eagles bailed nine people out of jail the day before Thanksgiving with money raised from their social justice fund. The nine people were bailed out of jail in Philadelphia with a $50,000 grant made up of money raised by players and matched by the team itself.

Not everyone suffered in 2021, the rich always gets richer. The British automaker announced that it sold 5,586 vehicles this past calendar year despite the continuing global coronavirus pandemic and supply chain issues that have plagued the auto industry. Not only is that a new record for the 117-year-old company, but it represents a 49 percent increase over 2020 sales. It also makes the company—as far as the brand is concerned, at least—the “undisputed leader” of the €250,000-and-up (about $283,000-and-up) segment.