America As 1
America As 1

      How We Win Back America 

Why are our elected representatives in government making decisions to spend billions even trillions of tax dollars without asking us first? 

First: Be kind to each other, because we're all in this together!
Second: Be interested and informed on what our government is doing and use our voice and our vote wisely.
Third: Voting independent candidates locally is a great start in gaining our independence as a people and a nation! 

Before we get started it's important to understand exactly where we stand on the scheme of things. Keep in mind, we are all living on the same speck of dust floating in an infinite vaccum called the universe. Which, no matter how we see ourselves in statistics, lifestyle or income we are all very small. However, looking at the one percent, an enormous government, big tech and business, there are still more of us than there is of them that can keep America alive and moving forward.
We're all are equal in one respect, the power of a united Vote which gives up a powerful Voice! How we use both collectively is what 'How We Win' is all about and will determine the future for ourselves, our children  and our nation. So, use your vote with knowledge and wisdom and don't let the media or either side tell you how to use it without careful consideration, 

Growin up in the Methodist Church being Conservative and an independent Republican for 60 years I have learned several important lessons. To me an independent Republican means I believe in the basic principles of the my God and the conservative way of life. However, I am independent enough to respect the views of others because neither side knows it all. The key to a people's government is voting people not party..Not just by reading the political literature but researching the person who I expect to hire and represent me. This is an individual decision with a collective solution. Personally, I have been a Trump Supporter even though we may disagree on some thing. I don't agree with everything he believes in. President Trump is neither a Democrat or a Republican, he's a successful businessman loyal to America and it's people. He wants to take back America from the Civil War between the two parties that has been waging for far too long and renew the promise of a "government of the people, by the people, for the people."  That Abraham Lincoln described so it "shall not perish from the earth!"

Having pride in our country is having pride in ourselves, our family and our future. 

Since he has never heard a government office other tha President he's not a career politician owned and controlled by a political party. The reality is, we only vote along party lines because that's what we were trained to do. So running as an independent in general is out of the question on the federal foe other parties or independent candidates means one important element to America. We are no longer restricted to a two party system, but can elect anyone we want to represent us in government and if they fail to deliver we pick a new one I. The next election until we get the people who will represent and work for us,


How do we know? President Trump is neither a Democrat or a Republican, he's a successful businessman loyal to America and it's people. He wants to take back America from the Civil War between the two parties that has been waging for far too long and renew the promise of a "government of the people, by the people, for the people."  That Abraham Lincoln described so it "shall not perish from the earth!"

having pride in our country is having pride in ourselves, our family and our future. 

Those we elect (hire) to represent us in government is not mean for them to tell the people what to do. MAGA means the people should be telling government what we want done. Then and only then we will have a, government of the people. Those we elect should be making laws and providing services according to the majority and We the People should be kept informed of their actions through public meetings, our inquiries to the municipal departments, the internet and the media. Through our knowledge we will have the opportunity to voice our approval or or dissatisfaction  to their proposals and submit our input.

We the People have that power, but if we won't stand up, pay attention and confront those in government in overwhelming numbers, we forfeit our right to the Constitutional freedoms we have been given and will be left, as we have been, with a government controlled society made alone by our own indifference to not get involved. In politics silence from the public means a Yes vote and an agreement to and for anything they propose and pass. No matter what it costs us in money or freedom! This will only lead to Socialism, which is exactly what the Democrats have been working to achieve! That's why Trump stands for less government, especially on the federal level and more of your hard earned money you keep for you, your family and the economy to MAGA! 
Trump wants to encourage votes by giving us a better government and a more productive America. The Democrats want to  insure their votes through greed and keeping people addicted to government programs which encourages homelessness, poverty, and crime leading to no hope for themselves or their children. If it sounds familiar, it's the same tactic the Democrats used in the Indian Removal Act of 1830 (the Trail of Tears),  the Civil War, separate facilities for Blacks and Whites in the South, up to the inner city reservations of today. This has only lead to no hope for the children who are under Democratic Rule! 

How should Americans protest government actions we disagree with. Not like gangs roaming the streets destroying property, looting, setting buildings on fire, beating or even killing others. As a matter of fact, you can protest without going too far from your home in most cases. The key is doing it together as a united community!  The two rules, use your voice and your vote.

There’s a big difference between government control, which is why immigrants came to America to get away from and the people having control, the basis of the United States Constitution. Abraham Lincoln said it best, to honour the soldiers that sacrificed their lives in order “that government of the people, by the people, for the people, shall not perish from the earth." This is how such a young country became such a World Power in such a short period of time compared to countries thousands of years old! When we submit to the government we created, we forfeit our Freedoms. After uniting one of our  solutions to our problem is...

         Number 1, STOP VOTING Just Party!

Q) Why don't we expand our choice of candidates to include Independent candidates in an election? Especially in local and county a elections.   

A) There are people in your community who want to represent you in government without being loyal to a political party, but only be obligated to YOU. However, we have been programmed to only vote for the two political party members. We've tried this for generations and look where we are today.

Number 2, Every Time the Federal Government Passes a Law, we lose a little more of our Freedom!  
When the Federal Government makes a law it supersedes all other government actions from local up to the state level. Ignoring Federal Law doesn't make it legal! States have passed such laws, but it's still e legal nation wide even though the Federal Government may ignore it. Local government is the closest you getting to providing the goods and services the people expect. Example, the difference between an agricultural community and a city district. The Federal government lumps all the states into one ruling kingdom. Example: the COVID Shutdown inwhich the federal government dictated for the country which businesses stayed open and mosr businesses would be shut down. The state and local governments had no choice or power to independently evaluate and decide the rules and regulations that fit the specific needs of their community.  In government putting all your eggs in one basket will end up with some broken eggs. That's why we have different levels of government, to fit the needs of the people while having our elected representatives within talking distance.

We Wouldn't Have All this Chaos Today

if We Paid Attention to The People 

We Put In Office!

What we see today is the Hate that comes from The Democrat Party, Liberalism, Socialism and RINOs.


January 13, 2021

 The House of Representatives voted to impeach President Donald Trump on Wednesday afternoon charging him with "incitement of insurrection." At the January 6 gathering Among the vote were 10 House Republicans. That includes:

  1. Rep. Adam Kinzinger of Illinois
  2. Rep. Liz Cheney of Wyoming
  3. Rep. John Katko of New York
  4. Rep. Fred Upton of Michigan
  5. Rep. Jaime Herrera Beutler of Washington
  6. Rep. Dan Newhouse of Washington
  7. Rep. Peter Meijer of Michigan
  8. Rep. Anthony Gonzalez of Ohio
  9. Rep. Tom Rice of South Carolina
  10. Rep. David Valadao of California

 So we must tell both parties, "This is America, Love it or Leave it, but we won't let you destroy it!"


To all candidates independent, Democrat or Republican don't need to throw away millions of dollars in advertising to get the people to vote for you just be an American! As a leader, keep them apprised of what you are doing for them in government. Just be the person they trusted to represent them by keeping them informed and ask them what the think about bills and laws with big consequences and big spending since they are paying the bill for that bill!

To be fair, over the decades politicians have been forced to completely take over the power of the people because "We the People" ignored our responsibility the Constitution provided for us to the point that Socialism and chaos has taken our place! It's time for us together to claim our rightful place in govern and deciding our own destiny!

Where are the 74,111, 419 American Patriots who voted for President Trump from all over America? Hiding behind social media and not standing up to take our country back, so, what’s the problem!? Political parties were created not only to present candidates and represent the people in government, but to impress their fellow Americans with actions which keep improving our  Life, Liberty and Pursuit of Happiness to keep our country strong and United..

The question is, what have the candidates and their parties done between elections to encourage the population to improve their community. Our representatives shouldn't be giving speeches and interviews to the media on what they've done or going to do. They should asking the residents what we as a community are doing to do together. Having the opportunity for government and residents to exchange thoughts and information leading to the final decisions made by our elected leaders for the good of all. This does not mean all the locals elect and ignore the process of government. 

This page will suggest ways to, not only become a more productive citizen, but your right to be a part of your government. The people in office must stop saying, this is what I have done for you, but say this is what needs to be done together. Yes, there are places in America where this is actually being done!  Even though there are volunteers in the almost every municipality from firefighters to kids coaches.
The problem is, there is no unity in our own home town much less across the nation to accomplish this. In this great age of technology we don't communicate to generate the kind of enthusiasm that makes us a "Government of the People" the founders expected of us. This goes back to the home page, Lincoln, Kennedy and us (all votes are local)! Yes, this IS President Donald Trump, this is MAGA and this
 is America the way it was meant to be! 

This should be our vision of America

Thank's to Mark Robinson a true American Patriot

who has explained the way Americans are obligated to take on our responsibility as citizens..

Q) Have you ever picked a candidate who was on the Primary Ballot? 

Q) Have you ever gotten an email or letter from your representative asking your opinion on a piece of legislation coming up for a vote he or she has to make a decission on?
Q) Have you ever been visited by a candidate, elected official or one of their representatives at  yout church, organizations or your home speaking about government problem and suggested solutions asking what you would like to see your government do to solve them? 
Q) Most important, have you ever gone to a government meeting, the office of your representative or government department and asked questions or voiced your opinions? How can we have Government of the People with the people doing no more than voting on prepicked candidates or not voting at all because you don't believe you votes count or voting just isn't important to you. 
Q) Have you ever voted for an independent candidate not affiliated with a political party? Could it be this candidate wants to represent you alone without party influence!

We Have, Our Voice, Our Vote

and the Courts! 

When I was in basic training in the Army back in the 60s we had a DI (Drill Instructor) who was part of the Normandy invasion. He told us about many situations he was in, but one thing he said stood out from the rest. He said, no matter what technology or advanced weaponry the military came up with, we will always need the infantry to go in and clean it up. Right now we have got millions of people across America as our infantry. Boots on the ground in every town, county and city. Dedicated police, fire, first responders, VFW, American Legions, lots ot volunteer organizations, Republicans, conservitives, even moderate Democrats and especially every resident who wants  to do whatever they can to Make America Great Again. Withn5hatnin mind, can elect the right people for the fight job in our community with a mission, to Stop the tyranny of Democratic Socialism. Our weapons, the United States Constitution, patriotism, the love for family and the future of America for us all. Our ammunition, the Truth, the unparalleled great history of Freedom and the determination to open the hearts and minds of the American People to the truth so,we can win it all!

How Do We Organize?

We start by reaching out to the people in our neighborhoods, local towns and cities, counties and our state. Schedule a meeting place, day and time. Advertise the open meeting to people who would like to get involved in organizing and learning more about the government we are paying for. We organize and create a plan to cover, every person on every block in every neighborhood with the information residents need to understand government's proposals and purpose and in return provide our input to control waistfyl spending and projects not immediate or unnecessary at the time. The internet is filled with such useless spending projects like the Bridge to Nowhere. This can easily happen locally as will. To give a hypethical situation. Let's say a Democrat Mayor who is involved in a kids football, league is replaced by a Republican Mayor who is involved in a kids soccer program decide the want to combine their influence and positions to build a football field and som Soccer fields worth millions of dollars. What would keep both political parties from going through with the project if the taxpayers were too busy on social media or watching TV to care about what government was doing? There could be a lot more hypotheticals and actual situations people could  find in their community if they looked into it. Who knows what our elected and school officials are doing when taxes keep going up and they aren't healed responsible! 2% rise in tax each year doesn't sound like much until it happens every year for ten years in a row!  People will complain to the store clerk when they are short a quarter in change but won't ask for accountability of the government when they raise taxes. Sending MAGA to meetings and city Hall to get the information the community needs to know.

Speaking of kids sports, in some areas of the country youth sports organizations charge $100 a child to play one season. Just imagine having multiple children. In many cases the public works department may maintained the fields which means tax dollars. There are municipalities where government finds sponcers to defray the cost of equipment, clubhouse maintenance and The high cost of insurance so the parents are not burdened with the total cost. This is another way MAGA can help . By getting contributions through sponcers and fundraising to help the volunteers working with the kids.

 We must be, focused, aggressive and determined to return our towm, county, state and nation back to its original purpose, returning to the peoples government.  

The first priority of an elected official should be helping their constituents help themselves! That is the power of the Constitution and the power of a government of the people!

We will work for solutions by constant communication with our elected officials which we hire through knowing who we're voting for. This means choosing our own candidates not nessarily candidates from a political party and resolve problems. No fancy speeches, no lies, deception, or media propaganda telling us how bad we are as a people and a country, but we will win through determination, pride, solutions and action. Our strength comes from those who sacrificed their lives so we can have the ability to live free and our children, the future of America with each generation we will refuse the darkness if the  Democrat Socialest government and always have control of our nation bases on Freedom and Patriotism.    


As long as we have a Democrat Party or other tyrannical groups trying to control our lives,

we'll always need a Voter ID Law!

This is not just about us as Americans we are a beacon of Freedom to everyone around the world, but they all  can't come running to the United States to solve their problems at home. There are billions of young people all over the world looking to America for the strength to turn their own country into a peaceful, productive place in the world so we can finally obtain real world peace! 

This is a view of what you local government meetings look like when the meeting should be full of people, comments and questions! 

Are We Getting Our Money's Worth

                 From Government? 

The power of the people starts in our neighborhood with our own government, That's where we live and that's where all votes come from to win the kind of government that will work with us and for us. So we start there. Registering as a Republican doesn't give you access to chose the candidates that go on the primary ballot, the decission comes from those who join the party, pay your dues and participate in party activities. So to really take control by having people from the community to join all our local political parties to be a part of the process and report what's discussed to the rest of the community. Also, consider there are well qualified independent candidates in your community who rather not be represented by a political party, only to represent the people in your district. As a member of a political party it gives us theability to vote on who will represent the party on the ballot, just like President Trump did. That's where the government starts in you own neighborhood. Second, spent a few hours a month and attend your local government meetings as a group.. You will soon understand the power of the Constitution! Learn how your government works understand the agenda, examining the budget and looking at the details, understanding the system, and letting your voices be heard at each meeting during the public portion. There are many aspects of government you have never seen if you never attended a meeting. Also, a lot of municipalities have a breakdown of their budget posted on their website so you can look it over in the comfort of your own home which may raise a few questions you'd like to ask at the municipal offices or at the meetings.


There are municipalities who have a government access channel that televise the government  meetings as well and the municipal website usually has contact information for the administration and departments. 

We Don't have to waste our time gathering at some location carrying signs and making up chants to get our message to our government then get slammed by the Democrats Liberal media attack dogs. Work Smarter, the Constitutional Way, Not Harder the liberal way. This way, fake politicians can't put us away on trumped up shares, but we can put them and the Fake Media away through the courts!



In the short history of America, through disasters, famine and wars, Americans stood together and won!


We don't fight, We Unite! 


How do we Change all this! Care more about our Country and pay more attention to the people running it, than we do about the people who entertain us and making billions off us each year! Get Back to spending your hard earned time and money on yourself and your family become a part of your community, make a difference, Make it Better! That's the American Way!

Our family, friends and neighborhoods are more important to us than anything outside of our daily lives. That's why we should put more time and effort into the world around us rather than the world outside we pay to entertain us, but give us nothing in return. 

Our Voice and Our Vote, this is how we win without destruction or violence

Three members of San Francisco’s school board were ousted Tuesday in the wake of widespread backlash over the slow reopening of schools shut down by COVID-19 and a controversial plan to rename dozens of school sites.

(As of 2020) Biggest contracts in NFL history: Patrick Mahomes tops list with reported 10-year deal worth up to $503M.
That same year 580,466 homeless people and as of April roughly 75 million living in poverty in the United States. We should be helping the people in our own neighborhoods and communities. In many cases mearly connecting the people who need help to government agencies and nonprofits who can help. 

  Top 10 Highest Paid Athletes and Actors in 2020 & 2021

Have They Contributed to a Better America?

This is the America we want for our children!

Appreciation to promote World Peace!

Some Athletes play sports for the millions they can earn. Most athletes of all all ages play for the love of the sport. America is Very Proud of those who love what they do, and to those who volunteer their time to teach them and watch them grow.

There are so many ways we can enjoy our lives as a family and with friends right in our own community. Instead of spending hours watching overpaid athletes take a knee and disrespect our flag and our country, get involved or just support the local kids sports like baseball, football or Basketbal, softball, soccer.  Nothing is more fun than watching a T-Ball game or seeing a kid make a touchdown, make a foul shot or make it to first base and it's Free! Unless you want to take the team out for pizza after the game win or lose.

you'll see professional sports won't be very interesting after that. You"ll also enjoy going your local high school events and you don't have to have a kid in the sport either, this your neighborhood and your proud of what your community. 

Create activities like skateboarding, field hockey of soccer games. The kids would love to see their community come out and support them. Organize festivals where locals and the surrounding area can show off their wears, taste some local food favorites or try out a fun game for charity. Have Local movie nights, local battle of the bands or talent shows. Have your scouting programs and sponsor  a Cub Scout Pinewood Derby Speedway competition for the kids and adults with displays from the Cub , Boy, Girl Scouts  4H and even displays of what kids are doing in school projects. This is what children, families and neighborhoods did before the internet and still do in areas of the country. It's a great way to meet and know the community around us. Volunteering and participation gives people an opportunity to know more about our community and each other. Kindness and Giving is its own reward, and with everyone who volunteers comes a reduction in what a municipality has to add to their budget. 

Being kind to Strangers is its Own Reward 

Even though these are clips from all over the world. This is the world we live in despite the what the anger of the media and governments try to tell us and we have to focuse on counting our blessings rather than criticizing them. 

Also, being a fan and watching local sports. Like going out and supporting our athletes compete in the Paralympics in your town to the Olympic Games. They will appreciate their community support much more than the paid professionals. Besides puting a smile on your face and satisfaction in yout heart.

One of the main reason taxes go up is the obligation government feels they must take on to serve the needs of the people. Volunteering in your community not only helps control the government spending, but provides a communication between city hall and its residents.this is true for a volunteer fire department or those who coach kids sports. Some communities have volunteers Adopt a Road Project to clear the trash and waste. Government supplies the bands and tools and the residents or the organization leaves the bags in a certain place on the side of the road where Public Works will pick them up. 
However, there are many ways to help your community. Help stations for children after school with homework, tutoring on subjects kids have a problem understanding. There are areas the school doesn't teach high school, like how to look for a job by bringing in people in the area to talk about their profession, what they do and how they got there. How to budget their paycheck, open a bank account or even invest their money to make it grow. What they need to do to get an apartment or mortgage a house. What's better for them buy a home or rent. The pros and cons of getting a car, should I lease or buy, get a used car or a new one. Doing their own income tax what do you need to hold on to through the year. Even if you take It to a professional it doesn't hurt to know something abour income tax forms and information just for your own peace of mind. There are other aspects of life that young people going out into the world should know, but you the people will surely set your own agenda. Use you imagination and your skills to involve others in your community. The question you should be asking is, how can I Help,It's all in the name of Community Organizing and with the cooperation of our elected officials and our government we can Keep America Great!

While Biden and the Democrats are busy flooding our country with exploding numbers of welfare recipients and I registered voters. Our poor and homeless suffer and worst of all the children become the victims. Long before Biden's socialest regime, with the help of the military our country began this program to fight back against hopelessness, anger and violence our youth has to deal with in the Democrat inner cities. 
we must organize our efforts to save our children through organizations like Big Brothers and Sisters, YMCA, Boys and Girls Club and others access the nation. 

We as Americans must focuse and embrace the Good in America to be able to move forward. The use our talents and God givin gifts of compassion, charity and hope to others. The following is one of my favorite YouTube videos and it's dedicated to all those who give up their time to volunteer for the sake of others. This is a testiment to spontaneously put a little joy if the hearts of a stranger through a kinfpd word or deed. A flash mob that created happiness to all ages.

Then there are the poor and elderly in your community, two ways we can help. First, when we organize we create a focal point for people in need to go for help. We should be prepared to know the the government and nonprofit organizations who are out there to help and we can direct people to where they need help. Second, how can I help?

Seniors would appreciate a visit once in a while, children can help there as well. The elderly need help with grocery shopping, house cleaning, for preparation, lawn care, setting up appointments for medical purposes, income tax, health benefits, etc. Families in need could need help in food supplies, child care for working families, advice or help with government or nonprofit organization services. 
This is the America we do have through Volunteer in your community and we can have more of if we all work together.  In times of war this is what Americans, working together, fought and died for. So this is what we can do in times of peace. 

What Can We Do? There are many possibilities!

When you encounter a false accusation about America it must be Answered by the American people, that's how we Keep America Great! Liberals, especially the media as we've found out, like to use Freedom of Speech as their false talking points, but it's NOT Freedom of Speech or the Press when it's based on a half truth, false accusations or an out right LIes!

That makes the Construction a lie!

Here are some Conservitive Organizations they could help and when we all get on the same page, we'll become Government of the People again!

Here is the perfect example of what America should be. Let's be kind to each other. 

Keep America Great!