America As 1
America As 1


ProChoice Say," My Body, My Choice!" 
which actually means several things. It could mean the choice of whether to get an abortion or not, but the primary reason is the Choice not to get pregnant at all! which usually ignored by her partner. Which ends up choosing her second choice. 


ProLife says Abortion is murder even though most states have a window of opportunity for a woman to get an abortion, no matter how small that window may be. 

Back in the 50's and 60's and most Likely much farther back in time women were unmarried and found to be pregnant were criticized, condemned, called  sluts, whores and constantly harassed to a point where families disowned their daughters, families had to move away and horror stories of girls taking their own lives.
On the
 other hand, the male of the species was considered hero’s, the Man, scored, not forced to take any responsibility for their actions! Over the decades not much has changed and nothing is said about the male's part of the situation. 
Under those curcomstances, how many girls felt they had an option other than keep it quiet, pray that no one would find out and find a way to to put the whole situation behind her. Girls like this were driven to backroom and backally Abortions in filthy medical conditions and unsanitary equipment which cause a host of vaginal and interior medical results up to the death of the patient herself! 
It's not known if these factors had anything to do with the Supreme Court's decission
of 7 to 2 in Roe vs Wade, but the result created a safe and clinical result for women who liver in the darkness in a world of anger and hate! 


The first thing we learn as a child in Sunday School was GOD is Love! So maybe we should ask ourselves, 1) Do we have the right to judge others? 2) Does our GOD, the Creator of this infinite Universe have supreme power over life and  death? 3) should we love our neighbor, especially those who need help? Not to preach a sermon, but if victims can forgive those who have committed Heinous crimes against them or a loved one. Should we he just as forgiving of those who hide in the shadows no matter what the curcomstances? 
I was talking to a police officer long ago and said something like, what about the victims? He answered,"We're all victims," which makes sense. We all start as innocent babies completely of love, hate or understand of the world around us. Yet, the paths we take under so many different circumstances leads us to a fork in the road called good or evil, hope or despair. You mean, like a pregnant girl who trusted her, partner, who was raped on a date or a stranger, drunk, drugged, thinks she's  in love but knows nothing about her own body or how to protect herself for intercourse? 
isn't it satisfying the so many people have made the right decisions in their life and have no regrets.

We all know how easy it is for people to use the Bible as GOD's word for living the kind of life GOD would want us to live, but it can also be used as a weapon of hate! Then again, it's worth repeating, we can go back to our childhood description, GOD is Love and use that as our basis of understanding what the GOD through the Bible is saying to us. I myself have always believed GOD's infinite wisdom opens our hearts, minds and spirits to ast bad react separately for we're all different, but the same goal, doing the will of our father for void through Love.

With all that said and going back in time. With parents and grandparents quite aware of the brutally of war, through World War One, Two , Koran War and Vietnam our faith accepted it as, It's GOD's Will.