America As 1
America As 1

Government Spending 

Repeat what you see. 
Biden and the Democrat Socialists

think money comes from a TREE,

but no, it really comes from ME!  

When we organize our own spending we have to balance our spending with our income and expences. This determines what we can afford while what we owe. We constantly have to decide what we want against what we can afford to spend which means it won't always be the best product or service. This is where the government has the most difficulty and we end up footing the bill. This section is a way for the American People to voice their opinion. 
This is where our decisions can cost more or save us a lot. I invite you to send a government expense that is completely rediculous and your solution to their action. It may be Don't spend the money to here's a less expensive alturnative. 
Of course, we can filla million pages with this subject, but there is a more effective way. We have to, as a group send the same information to the elected officials to which this proposal came from. This includes all levels of government, from the local level to the Federal Government. Why should 5his be done? We have to get used to, as the voter, taxpayer, resident and especially an American Citizen, to tell our representatives on all levels we rule them through our vote. There's no more you rule us! In politics, silence from the people is a Yes Vote for them! No more silent majority! 

Here is an example of our Representatives voting for a bill and they have no control over how it't spent!
Nineteen Republicans joined Democrats in voting for the Biden's $1.5 trillion infrastructure deal on Tuesday 
and a video of what has been discovered on how it is being spent.
The Republicans are:
  1. Roy Blunt of Missouri 
  2. Richard Burr of North Carolina 
  3. Bill Cassidy of Louisiana
  4. Shelley Moore Capito of West Virginia
  5. Susan Collins of Maine
  6. Kevin Cramer of North Dakota
  7. Mike Crapo of Idaho 
  8. Deb Fischer of Nebraska
  9. Lindsey Graham of South Carolina
  10. Chuck Grassley of Iowa 
  11. John Hoeven of North Dakota 
  12. Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell of Kentucky
  13. Lisa Murkowski of Alaska 
  14. Rob Portman of Ohio 
  15. Jim Risch of Idaho
  16. Mitt Romney of Utah
  17. Dan Sullivan of Alaska
  18. Thom Tillis of North Carolina
  19. Roger Wicker of Mississippi

This isn't just a Democrat or Republican problem.
This is an American Voter problem! America is our business and when we ignore our business Biden and the Democrats is what happens!

Who thought corn would be a proble. Only when we pay for it twice, thanks to our government! 

Here's a FOX Business Report from November 30, 2021 on Government spending which the rich won't pay for since they'll be passing it off to YOU and me!