America As 1
America As 1

Is It Me or What!

The Difference Between Parties 

If it wasn't for slavery and the Democrats,

Blacks would still be in Africa. 
If it wasn't for Republicans,

they would still be slaves!

Tax Hikes Bad Idea

Through the history of the world people ain't got a clue. The Democrat election battle cry has been ttax the rich!

So why do most of the rich back the Democrats? The simple answer is, they stay rich my raising their prices and we pay for it all! Going to a movie, you TV  cable company, a fast food burger, the total of your purchase at

the grocery store! 

How Black Leaders live

How Is it that all the Black Leaders keep getting richer while Black America is still living in poverty, dangerous neighborhoods with gangs, rundown schools, housing and  poor recreation areas for the children?


The Pro-Abortion people's slogan is, " My Body, My Choice!" which means that they should let some guy get them pregnant just so I can spend hundereds of dollars (He undoubtedly won't pay for. Then go through a unnecessary surgery. Instad of telling this guy,, "It"s My Body and My Choice, and I chose NOT to get pregnant! So sorry buddy, "No Injection with Protection!!"

Dear Liberals, it"s Your Body, don't let the Man makethe decision for you, otherwise, Your Really Screwed!


Democrats and Echo Energy 
Giving Liberals the benefit of the doubt. This is another example of putting the cart before the horse! They want everyone to get electric cars, but where is the electric to power them going to come from? Did you ever wonder how many wing generators, which right now only last about 20 Years, would take just to power up all our vehicles? 
Besides, what good would it do to go all green energy when the most of the world is still using fossil fuel?

Democrats, you've had since the 70s to work on this, where have you been?

Critical Race Theory

Talking about kicking themselves in the ass, which Democrats and Liberals do all the time! Their children and grandchildren will be taught the same Cridical Race Theory as the rest of the children. So what happens when they get to the history of the Democrat Party the whole basis of White Supremacy!

Besides, Can we really trust White teachers teaching Cridical Race Theory?

Lllegals while Undocumented to Votes

If you noticed Democrats really don't look ahead when they make their decisions. They're freely allowing illegal undocumented migrants in to America just to get their vote. So what happens when these voters start voting in all Hispanics representatives since the Blacks have been doing the same for years. Will they have to change the name to the Minarity Majority Democrat Party no Whites allowed?


High Prices Prices

Democrats always say they are protecting the poor and minarities, however don't they pay the same prices in food and fuel as everyone else?


Need A Doctor 

Should a transgender male go to a gynecologist?
What kind of Medical professional should a non-binary person go to?

Law Enforcement 

If we do away with Law Enforcement, do we still have Laws?


Democrats ignore true African Americans 

Have you noticed the Democrat's idea of a Black President and now a Black Vice-President? Is not a pure African American?

First Our President  Barack Hussen Obama 

born on August 4, 1961. He was born to an American mother of European descent and an African father who left them. Obama's parents divorced in March 1964 and Obama Sr. returned to Kenya in 1964. He visited his son in Hawaii only once, at Christmas 1971. Obama chose to stay in Hawaii with his grandparents for high school at Punahou while his mother and half-sister returned to Indonesia. Where his mother spent most of the next two decades in Indonesia. 
The fact is, we all know, the African side of Obama was practically nonexistent and he wasn't a pure blood African!

Our Vice-President Kamala Devi Harris     
Her Father. Donald Jasper Harris was born in Brown's Town, St. Ann Parish, Jamaica.

Her Mother Shyamala Gopalan was born in MadrasMadras ProvinceBritish India 

Homeless Hotels

Biden spending $87 million on hotels for those who come across the border. How about putting our homeless Americans in the hotels and let the illegal migrants stay in the tent cities, for a price! After all, they could afford to pay the Coyotes $3,000 to get them

Reparations​ Not a Bad Idea

Come to think about it, was the Democrats who went to war to keep Blacks Slaves, so they should pay! However, Blacks weren't the only ones who suffered during that suffered. There were hundreds of thousands of Union Soldiers who suffered and died to free the slaves whose ancestors should be compensated as well.

And it shouldn't end there! 
What about all the soldiers in WWI and WWII who suffered and dies because of Germany and Japan. How about the Jews and other minarets who's ancestors suffered and died in German consideration camps. I'm surprised there is still a Democrat Party or Germany left after that! That should include all the other countries who were forced to participate!


Not Sure of Voter ID

If governments mandate Voter ID how do they expect the Democrats to ever win another election? Isn't that why they oppose it?

Have You Noticed

It takes years to build something good up, 
and one election to tear it all down?

Pressing the issue

The military gets most of the Good Press and rightly so. Law Enforcement get all the Bad Press and the firemen and first responders get No Press at All, something is wrong here!  

In Just 5 Days?
With 19 dead, 47 more wounded by gunfire, Chicago sees most violent 5-day span of 2020 - Chicago Sun-Times

When it comes to Liberals,

Computers created stupid people!


Positive vs Negative 

Positive people are so creative,

Negative are so distructive! 

Positive Slavery

They say slavery can be traced to Sumer in Mesopotamia and dates as far back as 3500 BC.

Which makes one wonder. Would African Americans still be in their country of origin if their ancestors hadn't been brought over as slaves?


Whose Profiting From The Homeless Crisis?
I was watching a YouTube Video of the local city workers clearing the beach area of the where the homeless had been staying. There have been so many reports of these cleanups just to discover that a few weeks later the people would come back to the same spots. Watching these videos I finally realized who was profiting off the homeless crisis, the Tent Makers. Which are probably Democrats!

Liberals Do It To Themselves 
Let Me get this straight.
Liberals keep voting the same Democrats in office every election. Who make the laws we are supposed to follow. Then both the Liberals and the Democrat politicians  demonize and want to defund the police for enforcing those laws? 


Virtue-signalling and Liberals, Perfect Together!

Happy Birthday Obama!

 Barack Obama had his 60th Birthday Party Super Bash with an intimate, outdoor gathering of about 200 family members and close friends on the grounds of his  29-acre Martha's Vineyard estate with all the fixens.                                     Masks Not Included!


Are you a right or left wing or an American?
There has always been this stupid unwritten rule from our school days. If someone starts a fight with you and you defend yourself, you'll get in trouble too. The Proud Boys evolved from young Americans who were tired of ANTIFA's violence and destruction and decided to fight back. No different than those in the American Revolution who faught the British and their brutality against American citizens. I cannot find any record of the Proud Boys involved in the kind of violence and destruction recorded by ANTIFA or BLM and yet Andy Ngo has the gall to post this video calling a group of young men standing up to these hateful criminals and driving them off calling them, "Right Wing Brawlers!" 
We know your a big star now Andy, but you'll have to pick a side, either the aggressors or the defenders!

Joe Pay Attention 
Biden was too busy looking over the children he didn't even notice what they were wearing and got trolled at this unscheduled stop at a volunteer fire dept in
 Shanksville, PA. (No Mask For All, Joe? Sept. 12)

No Joking

Liberals can't take a joke, so why don't they take a hike and work their snob off!