America As 1
America As 1

AMERICA, Keep It Simple!

Many Americans believe that our government is so complicated it's impossible to understand and become a part of a government of the people. This is a recap of Americaas1 to show how simple our government really is and why's that? Here are some examples. 


Government and Election Day
1) We have the right and the ability to vote for any candidate we please and not limited to a political party and all the policies that go with it. 
2) The first question we must ask ourselves about those wanting to be re-elected. "What have you done fir us lately." Those we elect have a tendency to spend  our money of what will benefit them and not necessarily help the people they represent, so keep in touch and informed. 

3) Never hesitate through their term to ask questions of your elected officials and the different departments within your government. As well as taking a look at the municipal budget which says a lot. 

4) keep in mind Election Day is hiring day and is only successful if we hire and fire until we get the right people for the job.

4) Make sure the people you elect keep you apprised when to comes to money spent. We're in the age of the internet and social media government can now send copies of government meetings and the minutes. Especially when there is a considerable amount of Taxpayer money is being spent. 

5) The most important rule, politicians consider silence from the public as a,"YES" to anything they do especially if they say, it's for the kids or this will help the seniors in our community. That only adds to the spending and the price tag! 

 Gender Identity

We have lived for decades along side same sex relationships no matter what our beliefs, we've all gotten along. Dispute that, we've encountered a new species of human described as  gender identity, such as neutral gender! null-gende, genderles, neutrois and many more. However, there is one question no one has asked these people, "Prove It,"


Build or Destroy