America As 1
America As 1

America was Built For The People,                                                                         Not For The Government 

This is what the Canadian Government did to the truckers who had the courage to stand up to a Government try to control their Freedom and this iwhat Trudeau and his thugs did to teach them a lesson. Be good little boys and girls of the next time we'll take everything! 
Would Biden and the Democrats do something like this or worse to our truckers? What do you think?

When did the Federal Governmen give companies the power to interpret the Constitution of the United States. Then, judge and execute corporate decisions to punish the People’s right to expression of Free speech? What’s next, doing away with Congress and America’s court system and let Big Brother, I mean Social Media take control of our legal system? It has already happened with YouTube videos before the courts have even heard the cases. Where are you elected law Makers?

Government control of the people is a disaster when the people don't use their rights to free Speech, the Vote and their obligation to the rights of all people. What we see and hear in this video we see the result of Democrat rule from the Indian Removal Act known as the Trail Of Tears to inner City ghettos of today in Democrat Cities. You get what we vote for, but only we can change it all for the good of the people on Election Day. No more Immigration until we save our poor and homeless Americans first. We can't afford to believe we by what the media tells us. We have to care enough to question our representatives and find news sources the report the news, not report opinions and undocumented falsehoods. 

                  Mark Robinson is RIGHT!
It's not just about Gun Rights, it's about the majority of Law Biding Americans and their Rights according to the Constitution of the United States! Something the Joe Biden and the Democrat Socialists have ignored since it's creation in the mid 1800s. That's how long all this hate America and discrimination has been going on.

When the people don't ask questions or just ignore the government things like this happens and end up with people like Biden! If any other reason, pay attention to government for the sake of our children!

More from New Mexico, the list keeps growing!

How about what's happening in your state, county and local municipality? The government works for us, we don't work for the government. Even if you are a government employee, you still have a voice and a vote with an obligation to stand up for yourself and the residents you work for. The people have to understand, government workers who live the the town are paying for their own salaries. 

Hundreds of US geographic sites to be renamed to eliminate offensive words

“Consideration of these replacements is a big step forward in our efforts to remove derogatory terms whose expiration dates are long overdue,” she said. “Throughout this process, broad engagement with tribes, stakeholders and the general public will help us advance our goals of equity and inclusion.”