America As 1
America As 1

            Election Time

Whenever you think about voting for a Democrat ask yourself, one question.

What would America be like today if the Democrats had won the Civil War?

Democrats are up to their dirty tricks already for the 2022 election with attack ads like this!

How and Why Democrat Socialists want to change

the Voting Laws crossed America, leaving YOU Out! 

Democrats resist Voter ID Laws and say they are racist? They say, it keeps dead people from voting! Also, without Displaying an ID TO Vote, anyone can be YOU! Anyone can take or copy a mail-in ballot and vote twice or as many times as they like. Homeless, the elderly, the dead, those who moved and who knows who else can vote by a unscrupulous individual who wants the nullify your vote! The racial excuse has hurt people of color because the Democrats take your choice away by always using the excuse of Racism. 

How can these people possibly represent Black America when they have no idea what Black Americans want and need?
If they really do know, there wouldn't be so much poverty, Homelessness, government reliance, violence, Drug and alcohol abuse, gang activity. Inner city families and neighborhoods would have good housing, modern recreation facilities and top quality schools by now! However, not as long as the Party of Slavery and your rich powerful Black leaders supported by the Democrat Socialist who want to keep People down! Think for yourselves, you and your children deserve the same lives and opportunities as every other American citizen. No longer do you vote as your told, No More See Boss!  Take advantage of the Constitution and vote your conscience, your better judgement, for your future and a better life. So you can have an equal share in the American Dream. Electing the people who will best represent you in government. No matter what race, color creed, political group of individual wants to faithfully represent you. 

The Democrat Party has always been a

Terrorist Group this is their history!

Democrats started with the 1830 Indian Removal Act, known as the Trail of Tears. Then at the1840 Democratic Convention they made their states supreme power over their slaves, Dred Scott Decision that all people of African descent, free or enslaved, were not United States citizens, Manifest Destiny, a phrase coined in 1845 to expand the Democrats plan to control all of North America and remove Native Americans and other groups along the way. Fought a Civil War to keep Blacks slaves,  Killed a Republican President who wanted Blacks free, created the KKK, said NO to the 13th, 14th and 15th amendments that would make Blacks equal citizens, Black Codes to maintain white supremacy in Democrat states, the Jim Crow laws enforcing racial segregation into the 1960s where there separate businesses, water fountains, restrooms and sitting in the back of the bus. Separate schools until another Republican President got the National Guard’ to escort several young Black children to a white Democrat school. Then, the Democrats decided to treat Black Americans like they have done with the American Indian. Putting Blacks in Urban reservations living under Democrat rule! Democrats speak about a decent wage for people, but living off the Government has only lead to poverty, broken families and Homelessness. Now while in power, Manifest Destiny is becoming a reality and will enslave all America through Democratic Socialism!
    Do you really want to vote Democrat?

    The Attitude Liberals have for Minorities.

You get what you vote for!

Just ask the Voters of

Democrat States and Cities!

Who in their right mind would abuse their sacred right to vote not knowing a single thing about the people they are voting for. The problem is, we've done it for generations. When it comes to election time people say, I'm a Democrat, I'm a Republican or I'm a independent voter. At it's the independent voter that actually decides the election with a few disgruntled party people. However, ask them why they voted for a particular candidate and the usual answers are, I was just tired of the other party or it was time for a change, but no concrete response to what the office holder did deserve or not deserve their vote! Now in the age of more ways to communicate than ever before we still won't take the time or care enough to investigate or research a candidate. Not when it's so much easier to just flip the same switch every couple of years if we vote at all! 
After the constant attacks by the Democrats and the media in our 2016 election about voter fraud and Russia, Russia, Russia and Impeachment. We never heard a peep about how Joe Biden got the most votes in American History by campaigning from his basement to win the 2020 election! However, more and more Americans are wondering whether their vote counted and now 5his is happening.

Then there's this as recent as September 17, 2021

RALEIGH, N.C. (AP) — North Carolina, Democrat appointed judges struck down the state's latest photo voter identification law on Friday, agreeing with minority voters that Republicans rammed through rules tainted by racial bias as a way to remain in power.

Two of the three trial judges declared the December 2018 law is unconstitutional, even though it was designed to implement a photo voter ID mandate added to the North Carolina Constitution in a referendum just weeks earlier. They said the law intentionally discriminates against Black voters, violating their equal protections.

This sets a precedent for every business or government agency they CAN NOT request an ID without being ratially profiled or Racist which it totally against the North Carolina Constitution. Will this extend to the United States Constitution as well? Maybe America should go to a finger print identification requirement or DNA test and make the whole thing paperless! 

The problem is, we don't do that with anything else in our lives because we know it would be stupid to buy the first house you look at, the first car you see or the first insurance company you must you see an ad for. It's called shopping around and choseing what's right for you and your family. So why not use the same procedure with the government who makes the laws, expects you to pay them for their goods and services through taxation. Then spends your money or borrowed money ( bonding which we have to pay for). Then spends it anyway they decire without your input or approval and says it's for your own good, don't worry about it.

2021 has Confermed

Computers Created Stupid Libetals


The American People must be kept informed to win an election and control their government of the people. Every vote for the President down to the dog catcher comes from people who live in our smallest towns to our largest cities. One thing both parties have always done is to spend billions over the years on national advertising while the locals are on their own! But, if more money and support stayed in town where the voters actually live, every candidate we support would have an opportunity to win! We would have the opportunity to elect well qualified candidates who want to represent their people in government without oversight from a political party. It's about ending the politics and putting the power back in the hands of the people! The glory of elections is, we elect you for one term if you do good you get another term, but if not, as President Trump would say,"Your Fired!"


Liberals support Looters

Conservatives Support Leaders

Political parties have supported their fair share of political power over the people, but it's time we take back our authority. When was the last time the people, in mass, just like they fo on social media, and give their input to their  elected officials on law and punishment, ordinances, public works, taxation, recreation? We shouldn't hire (elect) our representatives in government so they can tell us what they are going to do? Keep something in mind, government is made up of three parts. The people we elect for a certain term, the employees who do the work of the government like any other job and the voters, the taxpayers, the residents of the community who have the responsibility of keeping the government on track to make the right decisions. 


Show them who has the Power

 I believe America has a majority of good people on all sides of the issues. Eho want our country to be strong, productive, peaceful and safe. The problem has always been the lack of attention we have given to the actions of the government that would allow us to make productive and informed decisions. The politicians and the media know this and our job is not to accept their explication, but question them. Through that, we can decide what direction we want our community to go. Through no fault of their own we've allowed politicical parties and the media the power to control what we see and hear and so control our attitude. I have gotten to the point where certain thing just don't pass my common sense smell test.  For instance, politicians and media that constantly talk about how negative our great country is. Allowing criminals roam the streets destroying, burning and looting property and businesses. Elected officials encouraging anger, assault and hate on other Americans. Hate is a great way to cloud the mind of the truth and all it does I'd lead to destruction of yourself and others! Until we stand up to the hatters, kick them out of office and prosecute them their venom will lead to death of this nation! 


Also, let's send a message to companies who support Fake News, professional sports, movie and TV celebrities that All Lives Matter! We don't Boycott, we send a message we. don't support businesses who won't support America the country who supports all Americans.


New World of Communication 

the internet has opened a whole new world of communication that is getting back to reporting the news rather than opinion sessions.
Check Out :  News is Good News to learn more.



We Pick the Candidates,

Control the Government!

We Beat them by joining them!

Most Americans believe when they register as a Republican or Democrat they become members of that political party, that's not true. Being a member means literally joining the party like any other organization , paying dues, participating in meetings, fundraising, and other events. When it comes close to election time the meeting will be about choosing and voting on the people who will represent the party in the election. This will also include candidates from other municipalities who are applying for the same position like a office county. Up till now a hand full of people have made our decisions for us and all we get to do is vote on the ones they pick for us. This is why it's important to have our members get involved in both parties. If we control the candidates of both parties we can elect good honest representatives to run our country the way it was meant to be!


This is the Kind of representation we need!

This is the kind of representative we want!