America As 1
America As 1

How We Win Back America 

Maybe We Wouldn't Have So Many Problems

if We Paid More Attention to Who

We Put I'm Office!


           It's Time to Unite for the Fight!
Over the decades politicians have been forced to completely take over the power of the government because We the  People ignored our responsibility the Constitution provided for us. Now, Socialism and chaos has taken our place! It's time for us to claim our rightful place to become a Government of the People and to decide our own destiny!


This is my vision of Americaas

Thank's to Mark Robinson a true American Patriot

who has explained the way Americans are obligated to take on our responsibility as citizens..

We'll Have, Our Voice, Our Vote

and the Courts! 

When I was in basic training in the Army back in the 60s we had a DI (Drill Instructor) who was part of the Normandy invasion. He told us about many situations he was in, but one thing he said stood out from the rest. He said, no matter what technology or advanced weaponry the military came up with, we will always need the infantry to go in and clean up. And we have an infantry, boots on the ground in every town, county or city. We have dedicated police, fire, first responders, VFW, American Legions, lots ot volunteer organizations, Republicans, conservitives, even moderate Democrats and everyday common workers who want to do something to Make America Great Again. All we need is a leader, President Donald J. Trump, a mission, Stop the tyranny of Democratic Socialism. Our weapons, the United States Constitution, patriotism, the love for family and the future of America for us all. The Ammunition, the Truth, the unparalleled great history of Freedom and the determination to open the hearts and minds of the American People to the truth and to win it all!

How Do We Organize?

We start by reaching out to the America People in our neighborhoods, local towns and cities, counties and the we will control the states. Set up an organization and create a plan to cover every neighborhood, every person on every block to be a communication center for residents to go to for information, give their input on the needs of the neighborhoodand. Giving the people the true facts about government activities and spending through periodically handing handing out flyers, mail, text or email. We can use social media. This all has to be personal and direct contact.

An elected official's first priority is to help the American people help themselves! That is the power of the Constitution and the power of a government of the people!

We will work for solutions by constant communication with our elected officials which we hire through knowing who we're voting for, to resolve problems. No fancy speeches, no lies, deception, or media propaganda telling us how bad we are as a people and a country, but we will win through determination, pride, solutions and action. Our strength comes from those who sacrificed their lives so we can have the ability to live free and not under Democrat Socialest government control!.   

As long as there is a Democrat Party

we'll need a Voter ID Law!

This is not just about us as Americans we are a beaten of Freedom to everyone around the world but they all  can't come running to the United States to solve their problems at home. There are billions of young people all over the world looking to America for the strength to turn their country into a peaceful, productive place in the world so we can finally obtain real world peace! 

Are We Getting Our Money's Worth

From Government? 

Everything starts in our neighborhood because that's where the people live and all votes come from. So start with your local government. If 10, 20, 30 or more residents spent a few hours a month going to your local government meetings. You will soon understand the power of the Constitution! Learning how government works, examining the budget and looking at the details, learning about bonding, what's on the agenda at meetings and letting your voices be heard at each meeting in the public portion. There are many aspects of government you have never seen if you never attended a meeting. Also, a lot of municipalities have a breakdown of their budget posted on their website so you can look it over in the comfort of your own home which may raise a few questions you'd like to ask at the municipal offices or at the meetings.

There are municipalities who have a government access channel that televise the meetings as well. 

In the short history of America, through disasters, famine and wars, Americans stood together and won!


We don't fight, We Unite! 


How do we Change all this! Care more about our Country and pay more attention to the people running it, than we do about the people who entertain us and making billions off us each year! Get Back to spending your hard earned money on yourself and your family be a part of your community, make a difference, Make it Better! That's the American Way!

Our family, friends and neighborhoods are more important to us than anything outside of our daily lives. That's why we should put more time abd effort into the world around us rather than the world we constantly pay to entertain us. 

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There are so many ways we can enjoy our lives as a family and with friends right in our own community. Get involved or just support the local kids sports like baseball, football or Basketbal, softball, soccer. Create activities like skateboarding, field hockey of soccer games. The kids would love to see their community come out and support them. Organize festivals where locals or the surrounding area can show off their wears, taste some local food favorites or try out a fun game for charity. Have Local movie nights with battle of the bands, talent shows. Have your scouting programs and Spencer a Cub Scout Pinewood Derby Speedway competition with displays from the Cub , Boy, Girl Scouts , 4H and even displays of what kids are doing in school projects. This is what children, families and neighborhoods did before the internet. When TV and radio was just a filler for outdoor activities which became a great way to meet and know the community around us. Volunteering and participation gave people an opportunity to know more about your community.

One of the main reason taxes go up is the obligation government feels they must take on to serve the needs of the people. Volunteering in your community not only helps control the government spending, but provides a communication between city hall and its residents.this is true for a volunteer fire department or those who coach kids sports. Some communities have volunteers adopt a rose to keep clear of trash and waist. Government supplies the bands and tools and the residents or the organization leaves the bags in a certain place on the side of the road where Public Works will pick them up. 
However, there are many ways to help your community. Help stations for children after school with homework, tutoring on subjects kids have a problem understanding. There are areas the school doesn't teach  high school, like how to look for a job by bringing in people in the area to talk about their profession, what they do and how they got there. How to  How to budget their paycheck, open a bank account or even invest their money to make it grow. What they need to do to get an apartment or mortgage a house. What's better for them buy a home or rent. The pros and cons of getting a car, should I lease or buy, get a used car or a new one. Doing their own income tax what do you need to hold on to through the year. Even if you take It to a professional it doesn't hurt to know something abour income tax forms and information just for your own peace of mind. There are other aspects of life that young people going out into the world should know, but you the people will surely set your own agenda.

Then there are the poor and elderly in your community, two ways we can help. First, when we organize we create a focal point for people in need to go for help. We should be prepared to know the the government and nonprofit organizations who are out there to help and we can direct people to where they need help. Second, how can I help?

Seniors would appreciate a visit once in a while, children can help there as well. The elderly need help with grocery shopping, house cleaning, for preparation, lawn care, setting up appointments for medical purposes, income tax, health benefits, etc. Families in need could need help in food supplies, child care for working families, advice or help with government or nonprofit organization services. 
This is the America we do have through Volunteer in your community and we can have more of if we all work together.  In times of war this is what Americans, working together, fought and died for. So this is what we can do in times of peace. 

When you encounter a false accusation about America it must be Answered by the American people, that's how we Keep America Great! Liberals especially the media as we've found our, like to use Freedom of Speech, but it's NOT Freedom of Speech or the Press when it's based on a half truth, faulted accusation or an out right LIe!

That makes the Construction a lie!

Here are some Conservitive Organizations they could help and if we were all on the same page we'd become a Government of the People again!

(Most of this website are just notes and must be edited, more to come)