America As 1
America As 1

How We Win Back America 

Over the decades politicians have been more interested in the power rather than the people. Now it's time to give the power back to the people by knowing our government! 

If 10, 20, 30 or more residents spent a few hours a month going to your local government meetings you would have the power of the Constitution!

All Government Starts Locally

How many of you have attended your local government meetings on a regular basis? Seen the budget breakdown, salaries and department expenses, and the overall business of government? 
This is where the fight is and this is where we can take our country back. One neighborhood, one town, one county, one state at a time to make United states of America the country it was meant to be!


It’s time we fight back! Not with hate, lies and violence like the Liberals and Democrats do, but with the greatest weapon the world has ever known, the United States Constitution! 

How do we do this? 
We start by organizing a America organization in our neighborhoods, local towns and cities, counties and states.


The U.S. Constitution divides the federal government into three separate branches, the legislative, the executive, and the judiciary. Also, the framers of the Constitution considered the separation of powesr between the federal and state governments important enough to specify it in the Bill of Rights.
However, there is one common denominator to all government in the United States of America, 'We the People," a “government of the people, by the people, and for the people!”
What do we know about the Government we are supposed to be a part of?
We can't go to the polls and vote for people or political party by just knowing their name. Then walk away saying, I’ll see you next election, good luck to the winners or just say, why vote it doesn’t matter anyway.
NO! that's not why the Constitution was written. 
We have an obligation to elect representatives by knowing their record, by knowing their decisions on taxation, spending, bonding and expansion or decreasing government and services. This is our responsibility to ourselves, our family and friends, our town, state, our country, and our president. Elections give us the responsibility to hire and fire those who apply for the position of representing We the People in government on all levels.
Government debt comes from expanding government, frivolous spending and possible fraud and deception. We have the right and the responsibility to monitor our government on all levels and provide input to the people we elected to represent us in mass.

America As 1 was created to inspire Americans who love and appreciate our country to get involved in government the way the Constitution intended, by going to government meetings, knowing what our elected representatives know. To make our information available to all residents through our own media sources like email reports as well as other internet media outlets. (newspapers, TV stations) Starting your own Website that people can turn to for accurate information and questions.


Suggestion on a website:
You can use any address you wish. I suggest Americaas1 (orAA1)/state/county/town or municipality. (com, org, net) It’s a matter of getting the people in your community to get interested and involved no matter what you call yourself.


Organizing & Implementation:
Naturally, you will need your own elected President, Vice President, Secretary/Treasurer and so on. However, this will also include representatives and the community at large who will attend the local government meetings (town and / or municipal, county, board of education and other essential meetings) to document and report back to the members and community. They will also be responsible for addressing the officials with questions, suggestions and comments to add input to the government‘s decisions.  It would be advisable for as many residents go to these meetings together to show you mean business. Fill the chambers a few times and the people you elect will realize how interested in your government you really are.

Some people have attended meetings for years, but never had a voice or support from the community of media to make a difference, Coordinate with these citizens and get their input. 
You will find the elected officials who encourage the public to get involved are the ones who are serious about making your municipality better. Those who argue or find reasons to dismiss your input usually have their own agenda.
after a while you'll only need a few citizens to go to meetings. Because of other obligations, going to meetings may be rotated when necessary. 

Gather information on the operation of the government, have a voice at meetings, relay it to the people and have a report card that will help you decide whether an elected official should be rehired or as President Trump would say, ”Your Fired!” You wouldn’t buy a car without at least kicking the tires. It’s time we elect our representatives on their actual, merit and record, not their political talking points during election time.


What else can AA1 do for you and your community? 
- Knowing your town, community or neighborhood better.
- Volunteering for community events.
- Neighborhoods helping neighbors, projects like, mowing lawns      or shoveling snow for seniors and the handicapped. - Visiting        shut-ins.
- Directing those in need to Government agencies and other help    groups like food bank, churches or organizations who can help.
- Better communication between volunteer organizations to use      their resources to help your community.

- Busibnesses can help children Learn the importance working instead of stealing. Give them a job to work for things they want. For instance, a youth wants to buy something in the store, but doesn't have the money. The owner can hire the youth or say a few hours after school of weekends to do odd jobs. Iinstead of paying them, they work towards receiving the iwant. Ithey learn to work for what Thayer won't and it will decrease theft. 


We Will Fight!
We fight, not with hate, anger, violence through socialism or communism, but by America joining together  As 1. A system created to make a difference in our communities no matter how big or small, our state and our country. AA1 can become the means of proving our nation by conserving the ideals and principles this country was founded because we follow the United States Constitution the way the creaters intended. With peace and love for our family, our neighbors across this great land, our president and our country, the United States of America!


We can start by showing our solidary and patriotism by displaying our colors now till the 2020 election.

 (Here are some ideas)


Take Note:

This isn't about anyone of us, it's about ALL of us as a Nation!


In the short history of America, through disasters, famine and wars, Americans stood together. We don't fight, we Unite something the Democrat Party has never understood!


How do we Change all this! Care more about our Country and pay more attention to the people running it, than we do about the people who entertain us and making billions off us each year! Get Back to spending your hard earned money on yourself and your family be a part of your community, make a difference, Make it Better! That's the American Way!


When you support a faulted accusation about America it must be Answered by the American people, that's how we Keep America Great! But your are right, people have the right to be stupid, gullible and believe a lie! But not to use that belief to inhibit other people's freedom, destroy property, hurt and kill others! 


I'm very surprised how little attention Conservatives and human beings in general, have given to this horrifying event. Excluding this post, but since it has been on FOX and other national media! What will it take to get patriotic Americans to strike back at the injustices of the Democrats, Liberal media, companies, celebrities or sports teams and organizations supporting this chaos! How? Through communication of every kind to these corrupt Socialist destroyers of Freedom? President Trump received 62,980,160 votes in 2016 and yet there are not 62,980,160 emails, texts, comments, or letters received by any of these Socialists! Unite and fight back directly at the source of the problem! That's how Americans Protest!