America As 1
America As 1




This is not a Civil War, it's a Revolution. 

 The American People against the invasion of

corrupt political Socialist System!


Reconstruction - Civil War End, Changes & Act of 1867 - HISTORY



This is the Nation of We The People Inspired by our great President Donald J. Trump, the Republican Party and the Democrats who realize their decisions effect their supporters  not just conservatives in aLL levels of Government. This will always be an ongoing project to what America was meant to be, Making and Keeping America Great for ourselves, our children, our country and beyond! We as citizens will ALWAYS be dedicated to preserving the principles set forth in the Constitution.  Thanks to President Trump who instilled in us through his patriotism and love of America to realize the corruption that has gone on in our country for decades and who forced that Evil out in the open!

With all the great Americans who came back broken or sacrificed their lives to give us the freedom we now enjoy. We the People still remain silent hiding behind social media and settling in our personal lives allowing the Democrat to control our government and destroying our lives. This has been true since the conception of the Democrat Party in the late 1800s. 
Our country only asked three things of us. Know the truth about how great America really is through our accomplishments. Use the most powerful weapon the Constitution ever gave us, the power of the VOTE, and through our right to Freedom of Speech let your voice be heard to the people we hired to represent us in government.

Those who came before us came from Socialism, Communism and tyrannical leaders which became the reason the United States of America exists as a free country and a great country today. It's against our nature to be restricted by goverment control, but government is a tool to protect serve and provide the needs of the people for the good of all.

We've dismissed and ignored the corruption of the Democrat Party and their attack dogs in the media, including the internet socialests and allowed them to take away the Freedom of Speech, not only of our President, but anyone who would dare speak the truth about our government. But then again we won't give up our Facebook and Twitter accounts and move to the many Patriotic social media accounts that actually fight the deceit, lies that will ban us at any time without warning. However, we won't take the same time to contact the socialist Democrats who don't represent us, but why don't represent the people? Because we keep your big mouth shut. How can elected officials represent the people if the we are too busy complaining on social media to tell them what we want? If they are there to represent us in government and tell them. Then it's on them to follow our directions and if they don't, Fire Them in the next election! 
That's how the system works! We're NOT supposed to vote alone party lines, we vote for people who will do the job for us!

When we ignore the government we end up with chaos like we have now. So what does that say about us? Is this what we want to teaching our children? To be submissive to the people we elect to represent us? That's why the Democrat Socialests keep winning and will always win! It's time to stop being afraid of our own government! It's time to stand up and take control of our children's destiny!


                   Questions should be made clear.

Q) Do we really know if we're getting our money's worth from government?

A) You will never know until you research and question your government.

Q) Why do the Rich support the Democrat Party even though Democrats constantly want to raising taxes on them?

A) The rich just pass their tax burden onto We the People will always end up paying their taxes for them! 

Q) What's behind the Democrats plan to have a $15 minimum wage?

A) Democrats don't care about a "living Wage, if they did they wouldn't have the worst poverty in their districts. They just want more tax dollars to spend with a little for their own pockets! 

Liberals voters say,

How does the Government benefit Me?

Conservitives voters say, 

How does the Government benefit the American People?


John F. Kennedy (Democrats) inspired adults and children alike to understand the importance of their civic duty and public service through his historic words, “Ask not what your country can do for you – ask what you can do for your country.” This encouraged a nation to challenge every American to contribute in some way for 5ge  betterment of our country through public service. Donald J. Trump inspired the world by challenging every country to become responsible to each other and proved that every country can be strong and successful by contributing it's fair share the its neighboring countries. Also, through his inspiration encouraging each government to provide an atmosphere of hope and opportunity for its people to grow and prosper!



Democrats have done their worst 

to adopt Socialism

Why would any American support the party of the Trail of Tears, slavery, Civil War, murdering President Lincoln, creating the KKK, voting against the 13th and 14th Amendments, organizing the KKK,  government control over Native and Black Americans through welfare programs, which has lead to poverty, drugs, alcohol, crime, violence and death, protecting people who break our laws so they can vote in our elections, ignoring the Federal Government warning about the Coronavirus while going forward with the president's fake impeachment, holding America hostage on the Coronavirus Stimulus Bill until their nonessential  amendments were past and through it all constantly lying, faulse accusation and constanly attacking President Trump because the American People elected him!


So how do we do our part to Keep America Great?

The next page," How We Win," will explain in more detail.

Learn how Americans of all races, religions, international backgrounds and political affiliations can stand together to keep America Strong and Constitutionally Safe from corruption.

We will bring back a,

“Government of the People, by the People, for the People.”



This is just the beginning of Uniting all States in America based on moral values, common sense, Pride in ourselves in Trump, in or out of office and Love for our country the United States of America as One Nation Under GOD!.

If it is their duty in time of war to fight and die

to keep our freedom.

What is our obligation in time of peace

to keep America free?

It's using the power of the VOTE

and using it wisely!

“Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results”.  Albert Einstein
Vote Republican next time!               

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America as 1  (2018)

The next page, "How We Win" will give you solutions on how to fight back and keep our Country GREAT!