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America As 1

This site is NOT a political party, it is a We The People Organizing A Nation! Inspired by our great President Donald J. Trump and the Republican Party on ALL levels of Government. This will always be an ongoing project to what America was meant to be, Make America Great Again and Keep America Great for our children and beyond! We as citizens will ALWAYS be dedicated to the unification of all Americans who believe in the Spirit of the Constitution, Dedication and Principles President Trump and the Republican Party has instilled in us through their patriotism and Love of America and its people.


Our country didn't fail us, we failed our country! 

Trump through the people has exposed the Evil that has been growing in politics over two and a half centuries! We became indifferent to our obligation we were expected to fulfill by the Constitution of the United States of America. This indifference has been the downfall of every great nation in world history. Thank GOD Trump and the Republicans love America so much as to jeopardize evewrything they worked for to save us from ourselves! The question is what are we going to do about it?



                   Questions should be made clear.

Q) What would America be like today if the Democrats Won the Civil War?

A) That's one for you to answer!

Q) Do you know why America became such a chaotic mess?

A) We the people ignored the people we elected and spent our time knowing all we could about our celebraties and athletes who we pay billionaires of dollars to just to entertain us.

 But, know nothing about the elected officials who we keep voteing back in office knowing nothing about what they're doing to our government and we pay  trillions of dollars to themt.

Q) Why do the Rich support the Democrat Party even though Democrats support raising taxes on the Rich?

A) the rich just raise their prices so we the People always end up paying their taxes for them! 

Q) What's behind the Democrats plan to have a $15 minimum wage?

A) Democrats don't care about a "living Wage, they just want more tax money to spend with a little for their own pockets! 

Q) Do the feminists keep saying, we want abortion legal with the slogan," Our body, our choice?

A) They won't admit that their real choice is not get pregnant, but the men in their lives take that choice away from them by not protecting themselves. Why, men aren't the ones getting pregnant or going through the abortion! If the ProAbortion women want to have their choice back. Tell that fool, No Protection, No Injection because it's My Body, My Choice, PERIOD!!


We have never seen or heard so many rich celebrities and sports figures complain about how abused they are! We can blame ourselves for that too! We made them RICH!


So many young White kids supporting Black Lives Matter and yet, they have never spent time in a Black neighborhood, or get off their sorry ass to help in a Black neighborhood! 






  John F. Kennedy (yes, a Democrat) inspired adults and children alike to see the importance of their civic duty and public service through his historic words, “Ask not what your country can do for you – ask what you can do for your country.” This challenged every American to contribute in some way, something positive to better our country through public service. 


So how do we do our part to President Trump and the Republicans defend our country against the corruption from the Socialism of the Democratic Party, the Fake Media and the liberals who not only seek to distroy our Freedom through a corrupt hate drive agenda, while programming our children to criticize this great nation through hate, lies and Democratic Socialism?  


Learn how Americans of all races, religions, international backgrounds and political affiliations can stand together to keep America Strong and Constitutionally Safe from corruption.

Through our motto, 

“Government of the People, by the People, for the People.”


This is only the beginning of Uniting all States in America , based on moral values, Common Sense, Pride in our President and Love for our country the United States of America as One Nation Under GOD!.

If it is their duty to fight and die to keep our freedom.

What is our obligation to America to keep us free?


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America as 1  (2018)

One Question interviewers never ask Democrate supporters and Liberals.

   Q) How has your life become worse since Trump took office?


  Just a few Thoughts!

* Liberals will say and do anything to prove they're right. No matter what it cost the American Public!

* Liberals and Democrats are Unbelievable, so Don’t Believe Them! 

* Democrats Love America, their history shows they love to distroy and Control it!

* Everytime Democrats open their mouth, a foot comes out! 

* America can not help others if we won't help ourselves first. Make America Great and Keep it Great, First! 

* No more legal or illegal immigration, until we support and aid our poor and homeless here in America. Are you listening Democrats and Liberals?

* * Q)How did immigrants who came to America live before the days of Welfare?


*We need our own America As1 or something equilivent in social media communications to replace Facebook, twitter and  others like "Parler"

*We need our own all American video channel, to replace YouTube.
*We want our own TV News cable network that gives Facts NOT Opinions. Start by telling your local cable provider to add, “
One American News.”
Our Nation. Our News. and open up NewsMax to all cable outlets!

So these channels can schedule preexisting pro-American and Conservative YouTube channels, uncensored by Liberal   Socialists, shows like Turning Point USA, PragerU, CampusReform, Project Veritas, Paul Joseph Watson, Black Pigeon, Dinesh D'Souza, Ben Sharpiro and many others all on one or multiple TV channels. 

*To have our own Conservative Legal team to represent the American people against Liberal and Democratic fraud, lies, fake news, false accusations and frivolous lawsuits. We could collaborate with the Institute For Justice.