America As 1
America As 1

War! What is it good for?

RIOTING & Domestic Terror 


Trump Denies Minnesota Governor "Disaster" Relief Aid


Military called out

Under escort from the U.S. Army's 101st Airborne Division, nine black students enter the all-white Central High School in Democrat Little Rock, Arkansas on this day in 1957.

1968: When violent Black protests broke out in Democrat Baltimore on April 6, nearly the entire Maryland National Guard, both Army and Air, were called up to deal with the unrest. 



While the independent country of CHOP is being supported by the Democrat Party and liberal donors who supply them with everything from food and shelter to Drugs and weapons! 

This is the gift that keeps on giving for Trump and the Republican Candidates!



The independent country of CHOP is being supported by the Democrat Party and liberal donors who supply them with everything from food and shelter to Drugs and weapons!


Sooner or later liberals will get tired of supporting this mess and realize they have been lied to. How much Socialist lies do you think liberals will take before they wakeup to reality, we'll see.


CHAZ/CHOP shows what Democrats will do if they win the election! This is the gift that keeps on giving for the Republican Candidates and a reality check to the Liberals who want us to have a Socialist Government!


 Arrest all rioters and put them in a rehabilitation compound in a third world country for 10 years! It will send a message. The American People won't tolerate Domestic Terrorism!


Mom wants food for our kids after Rioters trashed the grocery store




Are the Democrat voters and taxpayers of these Democrat cities and states so stupid to support these criminals then excited about paying the price of cleaning up the damage afterwards?


Cracks in the sidewalk in Seattle, Socialism isn't working out very well!





A Trump supporter 82 viciously attacked for carrying a Trump sign by 27 a year old!



Seattle is what America will look like if the Democrats win in November!


The whole protest riot thing happened way too fast not to be organized to strike on command. Black Lives Matter, Antifa Ave thousands of liberal brain washed college children! 


Protests don't accomplish a single thing! They either get violent and destructive or block streets and access to businesses and people can't go on with their lives! People have died by so called peaceful protests by blocking roads, creating traffic 

The most effective way to voice your opinion to government is to first, know YOUR facts, not the media's facts or your neighbor's facts. Go to your local municipal complex, government meetings or even their web site and get information and learn how government works! Then use your common sense to put it all together! Your knowledge brings you more effective questions and complete answers. 


 Military and Law Enforcement are the same. Both inforcing peace, one Foreign the other domestic!


Imagine what your neighborhood would be like if the mayor or council passed a ruling that their police officers were not permitted to go on calls that may put their lives in danger? No burglary calls, no robbery calls, no calls where a weapon may be reported present. No high speed pursuits, no calls in high crime areas or especially domestic violence calls. All because the majority of residence didn’t want our officers to be injured or God forbid killed. 

  This is the same scenario the American people have put our military in during every conflict. On September 1, 1939 Germany invaded Poland and WWII began. Large numbers of Belgian, British, and French troops consolidated their forces to fight the German invasion. American’s refused to get involved even though the Germans our allies still had a foothold in Europe. Not heeding  our last encounter with Germany in WWI some figures go as high as 73% of Americans were against going to war. Then between 26 May and 4 June 1940  overwhelmed by German forces the Dunkirk evacuation occurred and that foothold in Europe was lost. 
  We keep saying we don’t want to get involved world’s disputes but history has proven it only makes it worth for us! If in 1939 we sent troops to help our friends and neighbors like we ended up doing in WWI we would have had a foothold in Europe and most certainly wouldn’t have needed a Normandy invasion 5 years later which cost the Allies 9,000 casualties. 
  Another thing, would Japan been bold enough to attack Pearl Harbor where 2,403 Americans were killed and 19 U.S. Navy ships were damaged or destroyed. If they saw their ally in Europe being beaten back?   
The United States Military is the strongest and most well equipped in the world and are our police force to the world, Just like Law Enforcement they accept the possibility of death as part of their duty to serve and protect this great nation, through strength of patriotism and love for American and it’s people.
  Just like Law Enforcement have Departments all over this country, we have military bases all over the world to keep us safe and when the people and the politicians ignore the capability and passion to protect the Good from the evil in this world events like 911 happen.