America As 1
America As 1

      It's More Than Abortion

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When ever we have extreme sides the correct answer is usually somewhere in the middle. This is the case with Abortion.

To The Liberal Ladies 

To explain it best let's start with the Left and the simplest answer: Liberals say, " it's my body and my choice," to get an abortion. So, if it's your choice why let your guy take that choice away from you by getting you pregnant?  First, why go through an unnecessary medical procedure if you done have to. Secend, why she'll out hundreds of dollars no matter who pays when protection cos a few dollars? Ladies, take control of your body and tell him, bo protection, no injection, period! Remember, it's Your Body and Your Choice to have an unwanted pregnancy!  

To the Conservitives

There are many reasons why abortion should be possible and they all depend on You!