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The Democrat War Plan for the Second Civil War!




Where do We start?
The Trail of Tears forcing 60,000 Native Americans off their land across southern states to make room for more cotton fields and more slaves, telling the people in the south how evil and corrupt the Republicans were so their could start a Civil War that killed over 700,000 Americans, after they lost they had President Lincoln murdered just after he was elected for his second term (yes watch yourself President Trump), organizing the KKK brutally attack and murder Blacks and their White supporters, voting NO on the 13th Amendment to free Blacks from slavery, Jim Crow Laws denying Blacks the right to vote, hold jobs,get an education and other opportunities. Then came Roosevelt's New Deal which didn't help African Americans at all. The the Democrats under Lyndon Johnson came up with the Social Welfare programs we have today. Basically doing the same thing Democrats did with the Native Americans. Put them on urban reservations and payed minorities not to work. Which turned into drug and alcohol abuse, one parent families, high school dropout rate, crime, violence and murder in both cases! The history of the Democrat Party has always been one of a Socialist system of government control over America with them always running the show!