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No News is Good News

 My thoughts on how the media became the Main Stream Media we know today. Over the evolution of news technology the focus has changed from accurately reporting the facts of events to giving their opinion of what the media would want us to believe happened. The media has gone from verifying the facts through people on the scene, checking sources or a thorough investigation before reporting.

  We never noticed the changes that were going on in the media, because of our trust in those who gave us the news. It started with the media started picking and supporting certain candidates at election time. Reporting negative and unsupported reports to sway public opinion became a goldmine. Taking away the Option for the people to decide. The media realized the more negative the reporting, the higher the ratings. So that's why people tuned in!  

But it has gone way to far and now we are bombarded


How do we win back America?

One person, neighborhood, municipality, state at a time!

Go to every residence, ask them what they would like to see done to improve the community for a better America.

Then organize them and get it DONE! It's called Government Of The People! There are over Seventy million people in America waiting for a leader to show them the way!

with supporting a particular political party and promoting a particular candidate as well as demonizing the other. It became self evident that they had enormous power during Water Gate and the Nixon tapes, then Barry Goldwater the warmonger who was going to blow up the world and then Ross Perot that crazy old man who actually spoke the truth about the corruption in Washington and actual solutions to make America Great again, not his exact words but the same idea as Trump. Perot was a successful businessman, not a politician and was becoming very popular with the American People. So much so that he disrupted the two party system the gave unlimited power to the politicians, their parties and their rich and powerful contributors! While all the time protected by the media!

  Slowly, Opinion Journalism and the birth of the Main Stream Media (MSM) gave birth to Big Brother telling us to comply to the government without question. The the MSM finally realized they had the power of half truths, creative editing and out right lies! Now they could sway the public and demonize those who refused to get with their program. The MSM coordinated with the Democrats who already had a history from the Trail of Tears and slavery to modern day corruption and inner city Slave camps. The MSM also knew the Republicans would Never agree to these Unconstitutional tactics. 
  Then in 2016 We the People had the audacity to go against the power of the Press, as well as the Democratic Party and electing Donald J. Trump as our president, not a politician but a successful 
businessman to run America as a successful business and on top of that, call out the MSM for what it really was in front of the whole worlld, Fake News! The MSM went ballistic and for five years declared all out War on all of us by using Trump as the Main Targot for an all out attack! 

  So, where did these corrupt journalists come from? The same liberal socialist teachers who themselves were raised to believe in the rich is bad for being rich, make love not war, government is our salvation to support everyone, Capitalism is for the rich, Socialism and Communism is for the people, the age of Aquarius went to college to teach our children the truth about America!



TV and journalists and the Fake News by people who were programmed to think the worse of the United States of America!


Kayleigh McEnany, Voice of the American People against the Tyranny of a corrupt media!


Members of the Society of Professional Journalists believe that public enlightenment is the forerunner of justice and the foundation of democracy. Ethical journalism strives to ensure the free exchange of information that is accurate, fair and thorough. An ethical journalist acts with integrity.

Meanwhile, the American People have discovered their deception and the answer comes abundant clear under the Journalism Code!

1. Honesty: journalists must be truthful. It is unacceptable to report information known to be false, or report facts in a misleading way to give a wrong impression;

2.Independence and objectivity: journalists should avoid topics in which they have a financial or personal interest that would provide them a particular benefit in the subject matter, as that interest may introduce bias into their reporting, or give the impression of such bias. In cases where a journalist may have a specific financial or personal interest, the interest should be disclosed;

3.Fairness: journalists must present facts with impartiality and neutrality, presenting other viewpoints and sides to a story where these exist. It is unacceptable to slant facts;

4. Diligence: a journalist should gather and present pertinent facts to provide a good understanding of the subject reported;

5.Accountability: a journalist must be accountable for their work, prepared to accept criticism and consequences.



This is how a Fake News employees treat the President, Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany and the American Prople at a White House Press Confrence.  

"We're about to cross the 100,000, ah dead Americans, ah milestone. What wo, what does the White House view as having, by Election Day, what does the White House view as the number of dead Americans, ahm where you can say you successfully defeated this Pandemic, Is there a number!"

When are we going to put the Fake Media in their place? Trump has our back, when are we going to have HIS?

(Published May 26, 2020)


The Fake Media is so pissed off at the American People

for not following their commands by making them 

look bad in front of their Democrat Masters!


It's amazing how much liberals know with just a Bachelor's Degree in Journalism and how much they hide from the people about their own dark past.


There are just too many STUPID and repetitive questions a President can answer when there's a country to run! So what are we doing to help President Trump? Contacting sponsors of media telling them supporting media Lies and false information is unAmerican and there are consequences to supporting such self centered media corporations who attack the basic fabric of out democracy! The American people won't boycott, but we will send a message!



White House Correspondents Association exposes their blatant hypocrisy!


Code of ethics in media 

"Present meaningful news, accurate and separated from opinion".


At the White House Press Conference

Tell all those fake reporters, this is not a debate, it's a press conference. So, ask your question, get your answer and Shut the Hell up


Find the source and communicate your displeasure, Here's a Start! 

When AT&T purchased CNN I really thought CNN would have to get their act together! But it's clear AT&T as well as the companies who sponsor CNN are very AntiTrump and Definitely AntiAmerican! 

Maybe we should get a hold of their sponsors. Since they would like to thank us for keeping CNN on the air by buying their products and services. Considering they raised their prices to pay for the multimillion dollar salaries and perks CNN employees receive through our contributions!



Ace Hardware:




Alfa Romeo:




American Petroleum Institute:








Behr Paints:




Century Link:


Chamonix (tourist destination):,101,en.html


Clear Choice:




Expedia: Click “Contact Us”


Exxon Mobil:








Jos. A Bank:








Men’s Wearhouse:


Mini Cooper:








National Car Rental:


National Education Association:






Pom Wonderful:






Sleep Number Beds:


Stella Artois:


TD Ameritrade:




US Postal Service:




Vita Coco:


Whole Foods:

(there may be some changes so do your research)


70 million Americans contacting these companies should get their attention! Even a drop in sales would seal the deal.


Keep in mind, the American People are the only ones in the world that are, Too Big To Fail, if we stick together!