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America As 1

              Law And Order

Crime happens because liberal law makers won't make the Punishment much worse than the crime and the legal system shuts out the Victim who then has no protection under the Constitution!


Voting on Election Day is the only effective action of a peaceful protest!! 


Crime and Punishment 


It's time We the People own up to our responsibility the Constitution gave to us! One important part of our protection and safety is through our laws!

The only way we are going to correct the the legal system so it will protect and defend us as a victim is through our elected lawmakers responding to our requests. If a few have to be replaced to get the job done, so be it. By making examples of the few we make it clear, government is working for the people, not the other way around, as it's been for far too long!

1) Remove Liberal Judges from the bench.

2) Stronger punishments for crimes, something that will actually discourage crime!

3) No bonds.

4) No Parole, serve your full time!

5) Criminals who are sentenced to 15 years to life will serve their sentence in a foreign prison we give Foreign Aid. This will free up other prisons for led serious crimes. No more excuse for letting criminals go foe over crowding!

6) Mandatory Reparations for the victim(s) to compensate for their loss of property, Medical expenses or Death!  

7) Those waiting for their hearing will be herald in Mexico or Gitmo  until they're hearing and trial!


Unfortunately, putting everyone in prison doesn't always get the results we're looking for and through the years the justice system has found alter alternative ways to get the point across they should get with the program like the rest of us. For example, this growing problem of protesting our government through acts of violence, destruction and theft. I propose that an individual arrested sad found guilty should be sentenced to one year in the country of their ancestors. This could accomplish two possibilities. One, they find they would be happierh in that country or two, they will have a greater appreciate of America and become more respectful citizen, flip a coin!.


These are some ways to actually deter crime! A person who breaks our laws should not be givin the same Constitutional rights as the victim. Also don't believe the founding fathers want the victims of crime the be left out of the punishment phase of a trial. As it is now, when a criminal gets arrested the vision is left out of the precedings SUV the case becomes a process between the criminal and the Government! The victim is left with no Constitutional rights at all. Other than continuing the pain and constant reminder of the crime through civil court and law suits. 


Part of a Law Enforcement Officer's job is Crime Prevention
A Police Officer stops you and through the conversation he or she asks for your ID. Why?
Officers are always looking for criminals who might be evading the Law, just committed a crime, have a warrant or just trying to eliminate you from all of the above.
You see, when this happens we are actually helping the police keep us safe. Even though some people get angry, indignant or get their feelings hurt. Just remember, You don't know them and they don't know you so following their directions keep both of you safe!


The Politics of the Democrats through their trained attack docs in the Media and their army of destruction and murder has turned our justice system and the Constitution into a complete false narrative. Everyone deserves a jury of their Peers. So, what ever happened to innocent until proven guilty? To condemn ANY Law Enforcement Officer who's job it is to detain a suspect resisting arrest with all means at his or her disposal.

Especially when there have been thouusands of cops who have been in that position openly supporting MOB Justice is a sad day indeed!

This is how Democrats treat Law Enforcement!
the same tactic used by the KKK. 

Chicago Police Officers Assaulted By Protesters

Lies, Half truths and false information is not Constitutional. The Freedom of Speech and the Press has been misused. There should be a Law Group representing the American people suing these Fake News organizations and not only pay for their misrepresentation of the truth, but be jailed for it as well!


So when has half truths, faults accusations and outright lies been accept as Free Speech and Freedom of the Press? 




Freedom of speech was intended for citizens to voice their opinions to the government without fear of  imprisonment or death! Not Violence, destruction of property or the loss of human life. And certainly not for false accusations, lies and half truths! It's not meant to condemn or persecute someone without establishing credible evidence through proper investigation. In other words, innocent until proven guilty and not media bias, political motives or Mob Justice! 

We support now will come back to us, our family and our friends. Let's make the right decisions in our attitude and our vote!


We allowed this to happen but not caring who we voted for and both parties took advantage of it! To have a country, of the people, by the people and for the people you must have the interest of the people! Otherwise, our Constitution isn't worth the paper it's written on!


This has got to STOP!

First, vote out ALL the Democrats on All Levels of government who created this

HATE for Law Enforcement. Then make harsher penalties to get our point across that the American People serious now! Replace ALL Liberal  judges with Conservative Judges who will enforce the laws and the penalties that go with it! No more parole or records as long as your arm and keep these hoodlums off the streets and send a message. Act like a Human being or spend your life in prison!

More than 400 law enforcement officers injured in riots across U.S., 2 dead


Keep in mind there are two sides. We can't become victims of mob violence and the Press as to lose prospective of the Constitution which even applies to Law Enforcement!

None of this would have happened if George Floyd just complied with the Officer's Directions, it's for the safety of all parties! You can work the rest out in court, which George already knew from past experiences! That's the American Way!


All officers who side with the rioters know that and how important innocent until proven guilty is in our Constitution! Under the rule of Mob Justice we open ourselves to destruction of property and human life. When you burn down a city you burn up the Constitution which means, you could, very easily be NEXT! 



If the officers had pushed him that hard he would have fallen right there not stagger back! Then he lays there like he's dead! 

Besides, where did the person who took the video come from? 

Liberals are KILLING this country and we can't let that happen!



You’re On Your Own: Raleigh Police Chief Cassandra Deck-Brown Says She Will Not Put Officers in Harm’s Way to Protect Property! 


Don't fall into the LIBERAL Trap of Mob Justice! People, even Law Enforcement, are considered innocent until proven Guilty! 

If not YOU could easily be NEXT! 

The saying," Don't Shoot the Messenger," is too real for Cops! 

 The solution which would have saved ALL this. Comply with the officer's directions for the safety of both parties and let the courts figure it out.

They both would be safe today. 

Law Enforcement, 

GOD Bless Them All!



When You Kneel to the Few, the Many Suffer!

Public Servent is Not Meant Literally!


Public anger comes from the politicians who create the laws  condemning Police Officers for enforcing the laws just to obtain votes! The saying is," Don't Shoot the Messenger," but because of politics, They DO! 

 The best solution, comply with the officer's directions for the safety of both parties and let the courts figure it out.

Law Enforcement, 

GOD Bless Them All!


Easy Solution, comply with the Officers Directions, it's for your safety and theirs! You can work the rest out in Court. That's how the system works!


All the lies and Hate bombarding the American People from the Democrat Party and their Trained Attack Dogs in the Media about the President, our Law Enforcement and America in the last three and a half years. It was just a matter of time! However, the truth be told this wouldn't never have happened if Floyd had complied with the officers directions!  Both would have been safe and the courts would have dealt with it!



Law Enforcement should have the alternative to walk away from any situation that could be harmful to the officer if a perpetrator resists, or this can happen to YOU and has  happened many times before! Loosing your livelihood without due process and your name spread all over the internet isn't worth it! 


It's easy to shoot the messenger for what the people YOU elect to run your government are doing and legislating! And there are a lot of dead cops to prove it! The Democrats love to see government workers take the heat for the laws and policies they make! We vote (hire) the politicians. They hire the employees who work in the government. But considering most people have never been to their local government meetings, no one would know that! 


California law enforcement said they are arresting and releasing the same offenders several times a day in some cases.

Glendora, CA – California law enforcement said that the state’s no-bail policy during the coronavirus pandemic has resulted in multiple offenders getting arrested and released several times in a day.


Keep in mind, New Jersey is a Democrat dominated state. We elect the people who run our government. Those people we elect hire the people who work in the government and make the laws the workers must follow or be fired. So it's our responsibility to make sure we elect the right people to begin with! You know, government of the people.


The article should say, the police are FORCED to enforce social distancing instead of catching criminals the Democrats have let out of JAIL!


Evidently you know very little about the Constitution, you just use it like a weapon. Try reading it and you'll find a section called States Rights!  This is your excuse to keep voting Democrat and that's something YOU have to live with! 


I see a lot of social media blaming Law Enforcement for what they see and hear on the internet. Those of us who have had to work for a living, we have encountered people who want to criticize and even get violent for policies made by those in the business who never see a customer! It's the old saying, "Don't Shoot the Messenger!" However, that is what could actually happen as a Law Enforcement Officer!

The city and state employ our police officers and it's a very Dangerous job. So just like any job, if you don't follow the policies your fired! WE elected the policy makers to run our city and state. So, it turns out we're at fault for what police are required to do whether they like it or not! That's why it's important to know who your voting for!


This what Democrats do and people have fallen for it for over 150 years. They make everyone else look bad through their decisions! 

NYPD officers will fan out across NYC this weekend to enforce social distancing


The joke is on YOU! You and others like you keep voting in these Democrat assholes who make up the laws we ALL have to follow! 

But as usual it's easier to blame the worker than it is the boss! 

The good part about it, you have the freedom and option in America to NOT call the police in an emergency!


When will people WAKE UP! It's so much easier to blame the worker for what the boss tells them what to do! Fire the Boss and vote Republican and we won't have to go through all this Shit! 

 On the bright side, in America you have the freedom and right not to call the police in an emergency!


So, You'd rather blame the employees for  the ridiculous policies the bosses, Democrats YOU keep electing are making?

You know what's great about America? You have the Freedom to refuse to call the police if you have an emergency! 


You have to take a better look at the Constitution. States rights is in there too! So should the president just send the National Guard and declare martial law? Gee, he can't, because the governor of the state controls the National Guard! Really, Don't get yourself in a Liberal trap. They use the Constitution as a weapon without knowing what's in it. The easiest solution is vote out the Democrats!


A Thread of Blue


As flowers fade

With ribbons frayed 

And Tears of sorrow cease


That haunting sound

Officer down

Will never find it's peace 


This list of grief

And disbelief 

Are echos of the past


The time we spent 

And what it meant

Are mem'ries that will last


We live and die

And don't know why

But what we leave behind


A thread if Blue

A job to do

And duty undefined 


The Honor goes 

To all of those

Who dare to make a stand


And all along

They made us strong

With God's great helping hand.


A Tribute to all of Law Enforcement who have given their lives to protect and Serve the American people. 'Robert Fouracre'

(use as you see fit)


Which form of government do you prefer?
Socialism and Communism, where the government dictates to the People?
Democracy, where the People dictates to the government?



The problem with Law and Justice. The Right has always interpreted the Constitution literally while the Left has used it as an advantage by interpreting it their way. This has lead to a huge gap in the center which has turned Law And Justice into a conflict between the accused and the government leaving the visitor out of the equation and unrepresented. Bothered is no Justice or reparation for the the victim who has to pick up the pieces and pay the price to put their lives back together again!



Operating all those federal and state prisons, plus running local jails, is generally said to cost the U.S. government about $80 billion a year. Besides, over crowding has lead to releasing criminals back on the streets not fulfilling their term of punishment. There must be a release valve to do two things. 

1) The ability to adjust to the growing need for incarceration facilities.

2) Make the criminal's time in prison unbearable enough to keep them from wanting to take the risk to go back.

How can this be accomplished?

 The Total economic and military assistance in Foreign Aid is $49.87 billion a year and what do we get for it?

Here's a possibility, every prisoner with a sentence of 15 years to life serves their sentences in a foreign prison who we give money! 

Detainees with no opportunity for bail will be held in a prison in Mexico until their arraignment date! Local and state or military transport can shuttle them back and forth from the prison. This will eliminate over crowding and setting criminals free and also make a potential lawbreaker to think twice before victimizing someone!