America As 1
America As 1

Who Foots the Bill?

Not to give you a history of the media and its technological advances over the years, it’s worth presenting a point we have overlook for decades. Back before TV business advertised through radio, newspapers and magazines (not including billboards and other signage around town). When TV came along we added basically three TV channels and a verity of shows with their own sponsors. 
Of course, we all know business incorporates their advertising into the price of their products. Besides salaries, benefits, bonuses, purchasing, buildings and its essentials, etc. etc., which also includes sponsorships, donations to different organizations, as well as the main goal, Profit! And who pays for it, We Do! 
Through the years as technology developed, so did the world of advertising. Now, with the expansion of media outlets like cable TV we have added the world Wide Web with thousands of internet possibilities, another means of presenting their product and another boost to product pricing. And who pays for it, We Do! 
Under this reality, we buy a product or service, the business has all this extra money to invest in things for example, like movies, sports and media which make millions to billions. Then they turn around and belittle, trash and out right Lie about the United States of America the country and the American People who love this country. It should make a lot of people pretty angry. Sports figures, actors, TV personalities who can make hundreds of  millions of dollars who spit in the faces of every hard working American and who pays for it, We Do!   
Yes, we pay for everything and although people will get angry and talk about it, we constantly allow the abuse. What a company buys out another company for billions of dollars, who pays for it, We Do!

When companies move plants overseas tio save money do they pass the savings down to us, No!


-to be continusd-