America As 1
America As 1

Election 2020

Joe Biden to our troops:

“Clap for that, you stupid bastards”.


You get what you vote for!

Just ask the Voters of Democrats States and Cities!

Republicans have to be organized to win! Every vote we get comes from people who live in the smallest towns to our biggest cities. One thing both parties have always done isof hhu spend billions over the years on national advertising while the locals are on their own! But, if more money and support went to the local parties, where the voters actually live every Republican candidate can win! It's not just about a presidential election, it's about an election on every level! It's about Ending the evil Democrats Party for good!


Democrats support Looters

Republicans Support Leaders


If Joe Biden is the best choice to be president this election, why didn't they run him in 2016? Could it be that the Democrat Party asked her to step back to let Obama run in 2008 and promised her she would run in 2016? Just a guess!


Show them who has the Power!

We have 62,984,828 PLUS Americans who Support  Trump and the Republican Party. Let's send a message to the American companies who support Fake News, professional sports, movie and TV Celebrities that All Lives Matter! We don't Boycott, we just don't buy inferior products, services and political entertainment! 


From Here on Out!

Have President Trump in his speeches ask his supporters to contact their local Republican Election Headquarters and ask how they can help. Got to put the American People to work!

There are many Conservative YouTubers that are all over the place and could be coordining with the campaign to send a unified message for the last month and beyond.

Plus, just like FOX, they spent too much time focused on the Democrats and what they are doing rather than on the acomplishments of the Trump Administration.



We should  spent more money on convincing the moderate Democrats and independents instead of spending Millions on letters to those who are already voting Republican! Your just preaching to the choir and it's insulting to get a letter asking to fill out a questionnaire like you really want our input gen at the end ask how much are you going to give us? 


How do we beat the Democrats?

Show them for who they are!



This election is about going forward or staying the same!

it starts with answering a few questions.


Q) Who's responsible for rundown Black and Hispanic neighborhoods?

A) Democrats!

Q) Who's responsible for decaying and underfunded schools?

A) Democrats!

Q) Who's responsible for broken and under equip recreation for children?

A) Democrats!

Q) Who has allowed abandon and dangerous broken down buildings to be ignored instead of clearing the property for new housing or recreation facilities?

A) Democrats!

Q) Who has never created incentives for businesses to start and grow in low income neighborhoods to promote jobs?

A) Democrats!

Q) Who has been promoting Hate in America since the Trail of Tears to government controlled handouts? 

A) Democrats! 

Q) Who made Black Leaders, rich and powerful in government to tell the people you'll never succeed because Whites are holding you back. Not saying it has always been the Democrats since slavery. All these years the people and their children have been left poor, homeless and helpless! Being held hostage by crumbling neighborhoods, underfunded schools, crime, bands, drugs and alcohol, violence and himicides. It's time to 

Save the life of your community and most of all, your contribution to the further of America,your children from their Democrat Slave masters!


Democrats have made it clear, 

they have always wanted Socialism.


Barack Obama in Columbia, Missouri, on Oct. 30, 2008.

“We are five days away from fundamentally transforming the United States of America.”

Senator Bernie Sanders talks with Rachel Maddow March 4, 2020.

"We're trying to transform this country, not just beat Trump"

May 4, 2020: Joe Biden calls coronavirus an “incredible opportunity…to fundamentally transform the country” 

Democrats have always been talking about Government controlled through Socialism! Which is just another form of Slavery!


The History of the Democrat Party is explination end ough to vote for President Trump and the Republican Party. 


Right From the Start

* The Democrat Party's first racist act of hatred was the Indian Removal Act of 1830, known as the Trail of Tears!

* Started a war that killed 700,000 Americans just to keep Blacks their slaves?

* Assassinated the Republican president who believed in Black Freedom.



It Didn't Stop There