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America As 1


Over the past decades rage Anti-Abortion Movement has not accomplished what it was set out to do, Why?



Congress made it legal, only Congress can make it Illegal. Even the Supreme Court has said that! Pornography has encouraged more violence, Rape and murder against women, but then again, porn is legal as well. How about you stop Abortion the Legal and Constitutional way and STOP dragging this out?

Then you can stop being AntiAbortion and become ProLife  to help the abused, abandon, tortured and murdered children in America!


How Much Does an Abortion Cost? (2020)

Abortion costs, on the average, would be anywhere from $350 to $2,000. It would depend mostly on how far into the pregnancy you already are. For example, A Tidewater Women’s Health Clinic in Norfolk, VA would charge patients $350 for a surgical abortion at 11 weeks’ gestation. The same clinic published their costs to be at $600 if the pregnancy is already well into its 13th week.

A medication abortion (a.k.a. the abortion pill) would cost you anywhere from about $390 to around $650. An in-clinic abortion (surgical method), on the other hand, could also cost you from around $390 to as much as $1,850 or even $2,000.

While costs could be that high in some clinics, other organizations like Planned Parenthood and Carafem offer low-cost abortion procedures, in which prices would play around $300 or so.