America As 1
America As 1


As usual Liberals have it ass backwards. Just like Biden and the Liberals cutting off the oil before they have an effective and economical policy for Green Energy or developing a comprehensive humaine approch to intagrating immigrants into America through a cost effective plan that will satisfy the needs of the American People!

The Pro-Abortion people do the same thing! They're slogan is, " My Body, My Choice!" which means to that we should lwet some guy get me pregnant and give me a baby I didn't ask for and don't want, just so I can hundereds of dollars I which he probabily won't help pay for and gom through a surgery i don't really need.instad of telling this guy,, "It"s My Body and My Choice, so I chose NOT to get pregnant! So No Injection with Protection!!

Dear Liberals, it"s Your Body, don't let the Man make theat for you, otherwise, Your Really Screwed!

And to all the Anti-Abortion peoploe, being angry and using words like Murder and Kill has only brought some ugly results. There is no different between the rederic the Liberals have used that has ended in violence, destrution and murder assross America.  Remind yourself that no one get's away from GOD's Judgment!